LaRouche: Time to Throw Obama Out of Office Now!
September 17, 2014 • 9:53AM

China's President Xi Jinping is on a tour of the Maritime Silk Road en route to India, where he arrives today for three days of critical meetings with Prime Minister Modi. Capturing the magnitude of the China-India partnership, Modi addressed a group of Chinese journalists in New Delhi on Tuesday and then sent out a comment: "If I have to describe potential of India-China ties, I will say INCH (India & China) towards MILES (Millennium of Exceptional Synergy)!

"The arithmetic and chemistry of our relations convince me that together we can script history." He told the Chinese reporters:

When India and China strengthen relations, almost 35 percent of the world's people come closer and their lives undergo qualitative change. Arithmetically, when India and China gain, a significant percentage of world's population gains. Our relation is beyond plain arithmetic."

As Modi was preparing to host Xi Jinping, the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee, was in Vietnam praising the new Indian Prime Minister for creating a favorable atmosphere for India around the globe.

For example on Tuesday, Lyndon LaRouche observed that it is impossible to overstate the significance of these developments underway between India, China, Russia and the other BRICS countries and other nations around the globe who are aligning with the new system. It is from this standpoint that it should be most obvious why President Obama must be removed from office immediately.

So long as Obama remains in office, the United States is locked into a dead system of empire which has only one remaining option: Provoke world war. With Obama safely removed from office by impeachment or forced resignation, the United States can regroup around a new presidency—featuring Bill Clinton as a leading figure—and join with China, Russia, and India, and other allied nations, to forge a global system in the image of John Quincy Adams' community of principles among perfectly sovereign nation states.

The war danger now coming from the desperate British empire forces has been fully recognized in both China and Russia. The Global Times, a leading Chinese state newspaper, published an op-ed under the ominous headline "As possibility of third world war exists, China needs to be prepared."

Along similar lines, the Speaker of the Russian State Duma delivered opening remarks at the start of the autumn session, warning that NATO's arming of the Ukrainian government is a clear sign of movement towards war.

Meanwhile, NATO Commander General Breedlove was in Washington this week, escalating the threats to Russia, accusing Moscow of waging "hybrid warfare" in every country with Russian minorities, and he called for NATO to adopt new Article 5 (collective security) measures to directly counter Russia. NATO is continuing with a series of provocative maneuvers along the Russian borders, including in western Ukraine and Latvia, while US Army units have begun to arrive in Estonia.

All of this desperation, bluff and bluster for war is instantly eliminated with the ouster of Obama. At least some US Senators were deeply skeptical of Obama's so-called war plan against the Islamic State. They are led by Sen. Manchin of West Virginia, who proudly told CNN that he will vote "no" on the funding to train and arm the Syrian rebels — in Saudi Arabia. There is serious momentum on releasing the 28 pages. All of this must be vectored on the one thing that will matter:

Get Obama dumped from office now!