Obama is the Greatest Threat to World Peace
September 18, 2014 • 5:13AM

What we have in the U.S. as a President, is the enemy of the U.S. in effect. But on the other hand, we have the BRICS nations. China is a power. India is a major power. These nations are ready to create an international agreement on forming a new kind of state. We've watched the bloody messes we've seen in Europe. The more nations you can bring into cooperation on this new kind of basis, the quicker we can get peace.

What we need is simply people coming out publicly to state what the objectives are, and then organize people around these objectives. The objectives are not difficult to define; the details are difficult to work out.

But first, we want Obama thrown out, before he can kill more people. Obama is a purely evil person, and the sooner he's thrown out of office, the better off we'll be.

What do the BRICS want? What does India want? What does China want? China and India are of the same mind. What's needed is a voice spread out in various parts of the world, which says, "This is the solution. Let's work it out."

We must do something to create the solution: throw Obama out of office. If we don't throw Obama out of office, we will have World War III.

China has become a great power. India has become a great power. The BRICS and South American nations, all of them and others, know that you have to create a new sense of great power. Not the power of some big giant that's going to dominate things, but the power of cooperation: common purposes, common objectives. Production. Food production. Design of education. These kinds of activities. That you can do. And therefore, we have to fight for that kind of agreement. We have to fight for the kind of agreement we need to do the job.

We do not need a perpetual war system. What we need is a progressive development of the productive powers of labor to increase the mental and related powers of the human mind and their practice, and end this crazy evil that's going on in the Middle East, the genocide that's going on in the Middle East.

Fire Obama—if he were thrown out of the White House, we would have world peace within a short time. Obama is the greatest threat to peace right now.