Obama Is The Barrier To The Nation's Responsibility To The World: Impeach Him
September 23, 2014 • 9:31AM

The proper role of the human species in the world — one of the rapid creative scientific and technological advance of which it is capable, freedom from constant war, improvement of the length and quality of life and of education — is being reached for under a new paradigm around the BRICS nations, albeit with economic and political difficulties and threats to deal with. This paradigm has started to change mankind's prospects during 2014. What is the United States doing? And how are we tolerating the feckless but destructive warrior, and British imperial puppet, Obama as President?

The NASA orbiter MAVEN has entered Mars orbit, designed years ago by a NASA program which is now barred from cooperation with China's revolutionary space program, and all but barred from cooperation with Russia. And the Indian orbiter MOM showed favorable signs of entering Mars orbit tomorrow, with India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi waiting in the ISRO space center on national television to greet and mobilize Indians behind the feat.

The Director General of UNESCO has issued a statement and report Monday, that behind the BRICS bank and currency fund, "the BRICS countries' investment in education will change the world," both in its creative and innovative content, and in that those countries are overcoming the barriers which widespread household poverty places in the way of universal education.

In multiple countries at once, a strong increase in deployment of nuclear power has been signalized in just the last 48 hours — multiple new reactors for South Africa, Argentina, and Finland, because of the advances in Russian nuclear and fuel-cycle technology, and China's credit assistance to Argentina. Obama was heading for the "Green" summit in New York, representing the suicidal trans-Atlantic "consensus" to eliminate nuclear energy; this was the candidate who said a few years ago, "We don't need any new-fangled fusion reactors." Sources told us that at his own recent, non-productive "Africa leadership summit" in Washington, Obama and his aides were pressing the African leaders there to stop working with China. Why? Because China is offering the credit for projects which raise productivity and economic growth in those countries, with no murderous conditionalities attached.

Obama's "legacy" for the remainder of his Presidency if we let him have it, will be perpetual, unsuccessful war, which propagates terrorism under the guise of "fighting" it, and threatens thermonuclear war with Russia and China. Competent military officers all agree that Obama's latest war plan is a disaster; it is observed of his "anti-ISIS coalition," that those nations and other forces fighting ISIS are not welcome to join it, while those in it contributed to creating ISIS. It is now publicly egged on by the British royals' Tony Blair, evil genius of the Iraq War disaster. And all of his "wars," completely unconstitutional, in defiance of the constitutional powers of Congress.

Wherever the Congress is, we should continue the drive to unleash the "28 pages" on Saudi terrorism and impeach Obama: What he represents is blocking this nation from its role in the world.