Lawsuit Revived Against Saudi Arabia; Says 9/11 Attacks Impossible Without 'Lavish' Saudi Support
September 26, 2014 • 11:35AM

A powerful new filing in federal court in New York has raised the ante against Saudi Arabia and their protectors in the U.S. government. This follows the U.S. Supreme Court decision in late June which allowed lawsuits against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, brought by 9/11 victims and insurance companies, to proceed. This was over the objections of the Obama Administration, which, like the George W. Bush Administration, sided with the Saudis at every point in the legal proceedings.

On Sept. 15, an "Amended Pleading of Fact and Evidence" was filed in federal court in Manhattan, which revives the very detailed allegations against the Saudis and Saudi charities which were originally contained in the Lloyd's suit against various Saudi banks and charities, that was filed and then mysteriously withdrawn in 2011. The new, 157-page pleading contains all the essential material from the Lloyds suit (going back to the alliance between al-Wahhab and the House of Saud in 1744), and updates it with a very detailed account of the San Diego/Saudi support operation, and a summary of the Sarasota/Saudi FOIA case.

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New also, is the emphasis on the Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, which, the suit says, "provided the Ulema [the Wahhabi religious leadership] with direct access to government resources and platforms to advance its Islamic and jihadist causes, including through the direct support of al Qaeda and the September 11th attacks," and which also provided critical support for the hijackers in San Diego, Berlin, and elsewhere.

The new amended complaint says that the success of the 9/11 attacks "was made possible by the lavish sponsorship al Qaeda received from its material sponsors, including the Kingdom and SHC [Saudi High Commission], over more than a decade leading up to September 11, 2001." At another point, it states that, without the critical financial and logistic support provided by Saudi government agents al-Baymoumi, Thumairy, Basnan, Aulaki, etc., "the hijackers would have been incapable of successfully carrying out the single worst enemy attack on United States soil this country had seen in 60 years."

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