Kesha Rogers Message of Congratulations to the People of India
September 27, 2014 • 9:04PM

The following message of Congratulations to the people of India upon the success of its orbital mission to Mars, was written by Kesha Rogers, former candidate and Democratic nominee for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas in 2010-2012, and former candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014. She writes:


I would like to use this opportunity to deliver an enthusiastic congratulations to the nation of India, and India's space scientists for their successful delivery of their Mars Orbiter Mission to Mars earlier this week. This is a success for India, it is a success for all of Asia, and it is a success for all of mankind. And I would like to deliver a congratulations, but also a thank you to India, on behalf of the United States, for providing this new opportunity of exploration for India and for mankind.

Kesha Rogers, member of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee and former candidate and Democratic nominee for the 22nd Congressional District of Texas in 2010-2012, and former candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014.

During my campaigns I ran on the platform of impeaching Barack Obama, and saving our space program, NASA, from Obama's attempts to cut down and dismantle our space faring capabilities. I believe the reversal or destruction of mankind's development of ever increasing space-faring capabilities is a crime. It is not only a crime against those that loose jobs today; it is not only a crime against those who loose inspiration today. It is also a crime against future generations, whose existence and lively-hood depends upon the growth and development of the human species -- a growth and development which, today, means reaching out into space.

In response to the successful arrival of India's new Mars mission, India's Prime Minister Modi said, "The success of our space program is a shining symbol of what we are capable of as a nation... let us push the boundaries. And then push some more, push more." I want the Prime Minister to know, I want the Indian space scientists to know, and I want all the Indian people to know that there are many of us in the United States that are behind you. Continue to push, continue to move forward, continue to break new ground.

Today, in this unique historical time, this is exactly what mankind needs. An orientation to the future, an orientation to developing the unknown, and a peaceful international alliance between nations to pursue and achieve these goals, together.
What India has achieved in this successful mission is not just a victory for India, but also for all mankind. You have continued to set the path toward reaching the common aims of mankind, through advancing human discovery and exploration of our solar system and beyond, creating the conditions to live at peace here on earth. Remembering the words of President John F.Kennedy as he once remarked, "We believe that when men reach beyond this planet, they should leave their national differences behind them."This vision of President Kennedy, and all those great leaders gone before who paved the way for all nations to come together in peace and harmony through advancements in scientific progress and true economic prosperity for all peoples of the world, may soon be realized.

What India has done, in collaboration with its BRICS allies, in developing a new standard for peaceful and progressive international collaboration, is a marker for what must come. A marker for what must become a new paradigm for mankind. And India's successful arrival in Mars orbit this week typifies that direction -- so for that, again, we congratulate you, and we thank you.