LaRouche: Great Leaders Are Emerging Around the BRICS
September 30, 2014 • 8:45AM

U.S. economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche began a discussion with the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee on Monday, by raising the crucial importance of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, now making a definite impact in the United States and not only among Indian-Americans. LaRouche's subject was leadership, in a period of economic collapse, looming financial crisis and war, but in which an entirely new and bright potential human future has been created in countries in the growing grouping around the BRICS nations.

"There is the important factor of a new figure on the international scale: Narendra Modi," LaRouche said. "This man requires special treatment, because his role, in terms of his part in history, the history of India, but the history of the region in general, as such is unique. And if you saw even fractions of what his reception had been, you would say, 'This is one of the most remarkable individuals in modern political history.' He won all kinds of praise and applause from the people, and it was all very, very serious, very enthusiastic. But you look back a little bit earlier, to his earlier moments in his recent history and he was like this: He was a creature made for a time to lead.

"And there are others in that same category which he is related to. There are people in Russia.... And through China, for example, we have great leaders in China. We have also in some of the BRICS nations, we have great leaders who are emerging there....

"Therefore, we have to really understand what this man, Modi, has meant to us, because what his role is now, and this is one of the great achievements...."

Notably, former President Bill Clinton expressed the same assessment of Prime Minister Modi, in July in India, just after Modi's election, and again now in a September 29 meeting of the Clintons with Modi in New York. "I'm thrilled," former President Clinton said, "No one else has had the knowledge and the votes, than you, to build up the nation." Some 40 Members of Congress from around the nation attended the Madison Square Garden speech and were strong in praise and support of Modi afterwards. And also notably, on the day (Sept. 30) Modi is to meet with President Barack Obama, one of India's major English dailies The Hindu presented as its leading "Opinion" a blunt condemnation of Obama's policy of permanent warfare and ["inadvertent"] spreading of terrorism around the globe. The leadership LaRouche is praising, is one of a new global strategic policy of peace through rapid economic and scientific development of nations.

But LaRouche continued, on the "national town hall" meeting organized by the Policy Committee of LaRouche PAC the same weekend Modi spoke. "We had a weekend event, in which we presented a description of what the options are for the American system — the American political and economic system. We presented that. And I think that what we did, in that weekend event: We made a mark in history of our own. Not quite as impressive as any of the things I've just presented, but, they were impressive, because we have brought onto the platform, a factor of history, in this United States now, which is worth a mention, by the greatest leaders of the United States up to now....

"We had the same kind of passion, determination, to create a success.... And so therefore, I think this thing is going to be — I don't have to tell you, I don't have to tell the audience — but what is going to happen, is we are going to be presented, as in Madison Square Garden; we are going to have, coming out of there, one of the most memorable experiences of the American people, as a whole. The effects are going to be wonderful."