Modi: "Let Us Make Development A Mass Movement"
October 1, 2014 • 5:45AM

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, finishing up his triumphant visit to the United States, sent out a tweet this week simply expressing the main message he brought to Americans: "Let us make development a mass movement, just like Mahatma Gandhi made the freedom movement a mass movement." Between his address to the United Nations General Assembly and his speech before 20,000 Indian-Americans in Madison Square Garden, Modi demonstrated qualities of leadership that have not been seen in American elected political leaders since the deaths of Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy. Modi proudly told audiences that he is the first Indian Prime Minister to have been born in the post-British colonial era and that he "breathed free air" from his very first breath.

China's President Xi Jinping demonstrates the same qualities of leadership, and between China and India alone, one-third of humanity is moving forward. Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing his own December visit to India that will deepen the trilateral cooperation at the core of the BRICS alliance forging a new paradigm of cooperation among sovereign nation-states.

In his meeting Tuesday with President Obama, the Indian leader made clear that he is not about to budge on the issue of food security for all Indians. He is under pressure from the British-led genocidalists to drop his rejection of the World Trade Organization's agricultural policies of unchecked free-trade and globalized speculative markets. He is similarly standing up to the pharmaceutical lobby in refusing to abandon India's unique role in producing high-quality generic drugs for the world's most impoverished nations.

While the full impact of Prime Minister Modi's visit to the United States is still being felt and assessed, LaRouche PAC organizers in New York City and in surrounding areas injected a further sense of optimism and excitement into the environment, a point that Lyndon LaRouche strongly emphasized in discussions with colleagues on Tuesday, drawing out some crucial universal principles:

"The natural form of society is to create a higher form of existence, of human society, and I mean the full blast effect of this; and what we're seeing now, in the case of Prime Minister Modi, we're seeing that what he did in Manhattan and so forth, what he did is exactly that! But he was not an isolated figure. That's the point — he's not just a lucky man who did this and accomplished this. No, it was intentional! It's happening in China, intentional! What's happening in Russia is intentional — and don't try to eliminate Russia from this one!

"And therefore, what we're doing, is, we're taking parts of the world, parts of the governments of the world, and we're piecing them together as collaborative units, in order to reach a global purpose, a global realization... And therefore, what we have done, in general, is, through science as I define it, the principles of scientific development as I define it, that's what's crucial. And it's the ability to bring together the elements of development in the Solar System, and to make it coherent. And that is the thing that defines the nature of mankind.

"It's not what somebody knows, it's not something that somebody did; what it is, is the bringing together of elements in the Solar System, elements which are essential, elements which make it possible to create a system within the Solar System, which was never possible before. And so that's the basis.

"We are actually, under thrall, in principle, to use the right word, 'thrall.' We're under thrall, to express, in ourselves, the powers which have been given to us, by these kinds of people, by this kind of science. And it's never happened in this way before. We have had attempts at this before, but we never realized it. Now, we are able to realize it, and we have to come to the point where we recognize that we are going to realize it. We're going to make changes in the Solar System, in the function of the Solar System, which were never possible before.

"And that's what this means: That's what happened in Manhattan, what this means! It's the bringing together of elements of the world, of human society, elements which were never able to be brought together before."