Pull together the Forces on Earth as Kepler Did for the Solar System
October 1, 2014 • 8:53PM

In a series of statements on Sept 30, after New York judge Thomas Griesa absurdly ruled the nation of Argentina in contempt of his court, Argentina's President Cristina Fernandez made stinging denunciations of the Obama Administration, its allied vulture funds, and their local collaborators in Argentina, for attempting to destabilize or overthrow her government. She asked by what right a U.S. court can intervene in Argentina's constitutional system, one directly modelled on that of the U.S., and dictate what its Congress may or may not do? "Excellent," said Lyndon LaRouche. "We should spread this internationally."

President Fernandez rightly warned that these imperial forces may even go the the point of arresting or assassinating her.

"If they want to make a permanent bloody issue, that's how they can do it," LaRouche responded. "That's the way they will lose the fight. They will go down; it can't be stopped. The judges and those involved, are going to be punished very seriously, because they're committing a crime, a fraud. And the fact that they commit the fraud in the name of the U.S. government does not make it less of a fraud. Those clowns are still in the business of this lie, this fraud. The very claim that these judges have jurisdiction, is itself a fraud. One fraud searching for another. And the worst thing about these judges is that they're not edible. And you wouldn't even want to if they were edible!"

On another related front, it has become very clear that Obama's air-war campaign "against ISIS," is totally failing. ISIS has again routed the Iraqi Army west of Baghdad twice in the past week, despite the bombing, and is about to seize the key Turkish-border town of Kobane in Syria, with Turkish complicity, despite US and British bombing runs targetting the attackers. Some of the reasons are completely obvious, others less obvious, but this stark failure, which will only get worse, shows again that Baghdad is not defensible under current policies, as top intelligence veteran Pat Lang hinted on his website today.

"This moves the conflict very close to Russia; that's what the implication is," LaRouche said.

And then, "this is Obama, under whatever disguise," LaRouche continued. "He's the one that crafted it; he has the responsibility, whatever the shady cover this time. This is his intention; he was specific, as was his Secretary of State. Thanks to Obama, there's NO effective force against ISIS."

Moving to a broader focus, LaRouche said, "Bringing together the required forces here on Earth as Kepler did for the Solar system: that's what the policy has to be; it has to be that. Because the United States is a piece of shit if it doesn't do that.

"It has to be done. One step of honest courage from the United States of this nature,— because if you don't stand up at some point against what is outright crookery, what do we have left as honor?

"Now, we have to meet that challenge. We have to meet it in an appropriate way. Which is really: in an efficient way. Not a slam-bam kind of thing: making the case, point by point, by, point, and denounce the failures and the errors on the basis of point-by-point; and make it stick.

"What Modi did in Manhattan is a great achievement for all of mankind. No one has any legitimate complaint against him on that score," LaRouche insisted.