British Freak Out: LaRouche’s Method Works
October 5, 2014 • 11:00AM

The Indian government Saturday ordered a high-level security probe into an incident in which, according to the county’s civil aviation authorities, a “used stun grenade’’ was found on October 3 in the aisle of a special Air India Boeing 747, which had landed at Jeddah Airport in Saudi Arabia after being held on stand-by in New Delhi for possible use by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his September 26-30 trip to the United States. The aircraft had been kept in complete emergency standby readiness in New Delhi for use by Modi, should his regular aircraft develop any problems. Upon his return to India, it was released for commercial operations, and had flown on a Delhi-Mumbai-Hyderabad-Jeddah route before the grenade was reportedly found by ground crews.

Although the circumstances surrounding the dramatic security breach remain to be clarified, there is little doubt that it constitutes a shot across the bow to Indian Prime Minister Modi, a deadly threat in the immediate aftermath of his extraordinary organizing tour of the United States. The authorship of the threat lies with those who have most to lose from what Modi and other leaders of the BRICS alliance have done in recent weeks and months: the British Empire and its disintegrating trans-Atlantic financial system.

The mafia-style warning to Modi, should be viewed along with:

A) The recent flagrant death threats against Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner— pooh-poohed by the Obama State Department— because of her role in defying the predatory trans-Atlantic financial system.

B) The likely murder of Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos in Brazil in mid August in a highly suspicious plane crash, in order to catapult into the presidential race Marina Silva, the British Empire’s best hope to defeat current President Dilma Rousseff in the October 5 presidential election (and possible October 26 runoff) in that country.

C) Ongoing efforts to eliminate Russian President Putin, including the State Department’s fascist coup d’etat in Ukraine earlier this year.

D) The brazen NED-related destabilization in Hong Kong to try to open a new flank against China, including an effort to bring chaos to the interior of China itself. China’s People’s Daily, the official paper of the Chinese Communist Party, issued an editorial statement today strongly denouncing the efforts to “use Hong Kong to create a `color revolution’ in the interior of China,’’ which they said is a “daydream’’ that cannot succeed. It should be recalled that high-level Chinese security officials participated in the May 23, 2014 annual Moscow Security Conference, in which speakers from the top levels of the Russian military command declared that they view so-called colored revolutions to be a new type of aggressive war against their country. The Chinese government has clearly reached a similar conclusion.

In short, it were wise to watch out for further British Imperial wetworks: the Queen is a very bad loser.

But what the British are most terrified about, are the intellectual weapons being wielded by Modi, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and others in the global revolution they are organizing: the creative powers of the human soul. This is precisely the LaRouche method, as discussed at length during the October 4 leadership discussion, and which LaRouche, himself, emphasized in comments about Prime Minister Modi during his October 3 webcast:

“Look now at Modi recently in New York City. Now examine Modi’s speech very carefully. Don’t try to interpret it like some idiot would try to simply interpret something. But rather, say, what is implied here? What does this statement say, which we could not say in mere words?’’ LaRouche said.

“It is the people who speak in these terms, like Modi, who represent the real creative minds that drive upwards the creative powers of the human mind. And in which the powers of the human mind are registered. It’s not words as such; it is not images as such. It’s not what you’re taught; it’s not what you repeat. It’s your insight into the Solar System, into the process; and that’s what you see from this process.’’