British Crown Defeated in First Round of Brazilian Elections
October 6, 2014 • 4:58PM

Brazilian voters roundly defeated the British Crown's first-choice operation to pull the "B" out of the BRICS in this month's Presidential election on Sunday, when Prince Philip's favorite Brazilian environmentalist, City of London-darling Marina Silva, was knocked out of the race in the first round. Silva came in a distant third with only 21% of the vote, despite the best efforts of London and their Brazilian "green billionaire" buddies.

Incumbent President Dilma Rousseff, committed to strengthening Brazil's participation in the global renaissance taking shape around the BRICS grouping, won 41% of the vote in the first round, and will face Aecio Neves, the Rothschild-linked politician who won 34% of the vote, in the Oct. 26 run-off.

Never limited to a single operation, the empire is scrambling to regroup forces around Aecio, who is equally a British asset. Marina, whining that she is not "a loser," made clear she intends to throw her support behind Aecio. Marina was favored by the Crown's London-Wall Street criminals for a reason, however. Never having been elected, her candidacy was created as the "new face" for the old, dying economic system, appealing, Obama-style, to desires for "change."

Brazilians know Aecio's Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSBD) well: the country disintegrated under its rule from 1992-2002. What worries London, is that Dilma Rousseff defeated Marina Silva, in particular, by putting the spotlight on the banksters who are out to drive Brazilians back into starvation. Even before the vote came in on Oct. 5, London's Economist magazine complained that Dilma had hurt "the popular former green activist [Marina]... with personal probity, her mostly sensible, middle-of-the-road proposals and promise of a new politics," by charging that Marina's plan to enact legislation making the Central Bank independent of any governmental "interference," would "hand power to shady bankers." The Financial Times likewise complained that Dilma was running campaign ads using a scene of a dinner out of a low-cost gangster film to go after Marina for being in cahoots with the banksters. Aecio can be defeated easily on that stage! Shortly before the election, Aecio announced that if he were to be elected, he would name Arminio Fraga as his Economics Secretary. Fraga! The move exposes the utter political and economic bankruptcy of the British option in Brazil. Fraga oversaw the worst austerity/privatization policy of the last PSBD government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, as head of Brazil's Central Bank from 1999-2002. It was Fraga, an executive of Soros's Quantum Fund at the point he was named to head Brazil's Central Bank, who oversaw Soros's hyperinflationary "wall of money" policy to keep Brazil from bringing down the global financial system, and upon leaving that office, he founded his own, huge hedge fund. Thus, in her post-election remarks last night, Dilma went right after the policies which Aecio represents. With this vote, "the Brazilian people said that they do not want the ghosts of the past, such as recession, tightening and unemployment, to return. Once again we are contending with the PSDB, which governed for a third of the population, and forgot about the needy. They bankrupted the country three times, imposed interest rates which reached 45% ... and never fostered policies of social inclusion and reduction on inequality." And they tried to privatize the state oil and electrical companies, Petrobras and Furnas, and Brazil's large public banks, Banco do Brazil and Caixa Economica Federal.

She could also have said truthfully, that the Oct. 26 election is between the BRICS and Soros.