What Is Significant Is Our Campaign & How Productive Our Organization, a Fundamentally Moral Question
October 7, 2014 • 10:07AM

As the expansion of a new policy of economic growth and peace around the "BRICS nations" (including Argentina, Egypt, and others) is constantly being expressed in new, individual developments, the process has to be seen as a whole, said Lyndon LaRouche in discussion of these "new developments" yesterday.

Some of these developments are truly "great!", as in the follow-through of Modi's India in launching yesterday an INSPIRE program, to build space-exploration excitement into scientific achievement and creativity of that nation's youth. This is what creates the BRICS dynamic.

But, "The BRICS formation itself can be the determining factor, rather than the sum of individual developments in each country," LaRouche said, "and Argentina, for example, is a very powerful factor. But there are strong speculative threats in individual nations, as with the battle in Brazil [by President Dilma Rousseff against City of London and Wall Street destabilization operations]. So, it is the process of the BRICS formation and expansion as a whole. And the reason they have this dynamic, is GROWTH. And look at the alternative, the trans-Atlantic — failure, collapse, and that includes Japan."

LaRouche also noted that the United States' Obama problem is now really acute, and is reaching a breaking point with the failure of the "war against ISIS" and of Obama's perverse, pro-terrorist "coalition." "Obama is in a disaster — but whether this disastrous thing can be continued, is to be doubted," LaRouche said. "Only an absolute lunatic would continue to push on this kind of a failure."

He regarded the relatively principled opposition to Obama's "immoral" and unconstitutional war-making represented by Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, now being backed by former Senator John Warner, as a potentially significant option, with "toughness, and a quality of thinking." They are representing, among others, military opposition to Obama's lunacy.

But LaRouche's emphasis was on LaRouchePAC's campaign, and the way it was expressed in the Friday, Oct. 3 webcast especially by the science policy team. He had stated it earlier Oct. 6 in discussion with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee. "We have the kind of society which should be based, on the fact that people as they grow older, if they improve — and they must improve — that improvement, in some way or other, must be an improvement to society as well....

"Everybody must progress. They may lose powers of making progress, but they must do it. They must share that with other people. They must have the kind of mass dialogue, which forces that question. What are you going to do if you don't turn the guy who's babbling like an idiot — but he's not an idiot, he's just babbling like one, probably a liberal or something like that — the fact is, if you don't change that poor idiot, that liberal idiot or equivalent, if you don't do that, you are contributing to creating stupid people.

"The greatest problem in the United States today is that most of the human beings in the United States today are stupid people. They weren't born to be stupid people. They were driven into being stupid people by the circumstances life imposed upon them — politics, dramas, all these kinds of things. Therefore the idea, of the general sharing of the developmental process, with its ebbs and flows, is the crucial thing, and that's why I push this issue. Because if we induce people in society, to concentrate themselves to making contributions to the development of the future of the human mind, and they all do it, ... it is this sharing of the experience which makes the human population function....

"What can you do, to drive your fellow citizens, to drive them over the edge, a bit higher than before, or to regain something they were about to lose, earlier? And we have to make a kind of religion of that, of man in love with mankind."

The discussion was much broader and ultimately deeper, but this is LaRouche's point of the purpose of his association, and the standard of moral behavior within it.