The World Might Not Make It Without the U.S.A. Resuming Its Historic Leadership Role, and This Means Obama Has To Go Now!
October 9, 2014 • 5:19AM

Lyndon LaRouche issued a strong warning on Wednesday that the entire Southwest Asia region is on the very edge of total explosion if the Islamic State (IS) succeeds in taking full control of the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani. IS forces are already occupying parts of the city, and they are receiving full support from the Erdogan government in Turkey for their genocidal assault on the Syrian Kurdish city of 40,000 people. American and regional sources familiar with the siege are warning that a total IS takeover of Kobani could lead to a Kurdish genocide.

The Turks are cynically boosting IS's assault on the Kurds as part of their overall support for the jihadists to prevent any kind of Kurdish victory, leading to demands for greater autonomy. The Turks have shut the border to Kurdish reinforcements attempting to reach Kobani before a massacre takes place. Erdogan is pushing for a no-fly zone over parts of northern Iraq, which is being described as a plan to "Palestinize" the Kurds by herding them into Turkish-controlled refugee camps. He remains committed to the ouster of Assad and is more than willing to use the Islamic State terror as a battering ram.

Vice President Joe Biden was right when he said that Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE—our so-called "allies" in the fight against IS—are actually the biggest IS boosters. He failed to mention President Obama, whose infatuation with the Muslim Brotherhood was key to the U.S. smuggling of arms from Benghazi to the Syrian rebels. Obama is still in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, as evidenced by his recent New York City meeting with Egyptian President al-Sisi, in which, according to Egyptian official news agency accounts, he pressured the Egyptian leader to work with the Muslim Brotherhood and reinstate them into the Egyptian political scene.

Lyndon LaRouche warned that if this IS-Turkey-Saudi scheme goes forward, it will lead to a general war, drawing in the United States, NATO, Russia, China, and others. It could become a war of extinction.

This imminent danger, combined with the accelerating breakdown of the entire trans-Atlantic financial system, means that President Obama must be removed from office before these crises erupt full-force. Senior officials from Asia and Russia have candidly admitted that the world is headed for total disaster unless the United States resumes its historic role as a leading force for the good in the world. Since no later than the late 1990s, when the impeachment assault was launched against Bill Clinton, the United States has been top-down an instrument of the British imperial agenda of mass population genocide. Now, the combined crises have reached a moment where either the U.S. changes—starting with the ouster of Obama—or global catastrophe is all but certain.

It is transparently clear that the U.S. economy has gone through another ratchet of collapse since the last IMF/World Bank meeting in Washington in April 2014. Since Obama took office in January 2009, the balance sheet of the Fed has gone from $800 million to $5 trillion through the insanity of quantitative easing and the overall bailout. This portfolio of junk is worthless and could never be sold off without triggering a complete meltdown. The Fed is bankrupt and has been turned into a "bad bank" housing worthless paper. And now the ECB is embarking on the same course—to cover up the fact that every major European bank is bankrupt. Within weeks, the so-called "stress test"' results are to be released by the ECB and they are racing to buy up the worthless debt so that a few big European banks can pass. This is utter insanity.

It is an open secret that the decline in the unemployment rate in the United States is exclusively the result of working-age people being dumped from the labor force because they are long-term unemployed. Of the working age population of the United States, the percentage of people with jobs is 62.7 percent, the lowest in decades.

The barrage of attacks on President Obama is intensifying, as his war plan against the Islamic State disintegrates by the day and as Democrats running for office in November shun him entirely. Obama has been told by Democratic Party candidates that he is not welcome—he should raise money in private fundraising events but stay away from any Democratic candidates—because he is the kiss of death. Last weekend, when he said that his policies are "on the ballot in November," even his loyal David Axelrod went on national television to urge him to keep his mouth shut.

Obama has committed a string of impeachable crimes, including his ongoing refusal to go to Congress for authorization for the ongoing war in Iraq and Syria. It is time for his removal from office now.