Ziegler Demands People Act to End "Cannibalistic" World Order
October 10, 2014 • 8:13AM

Jean Ziegler, the spirited Vice President of the U.N. Human Rights Council's Advisory Committee who was just named head of the Council's committee to investigate the crimes of the vulture funds, bluntly characterizes the trans-Atlantic system as "a 'cannibalistic order' ... an absurd and deadly order" resulting from "the world tyranny of globalized capital, of an oligarchy made up of transnational companies, whose sole principle is maximizing profits, and which concentrate political and economic power in their hands."

Ziegler made that charge in an interview with Spain's El Mundo published last July 24, 2014.

"Why do I call it 'cannibalistic'? Because the victims it creates are completely avoidable. One example is sufficient: chronic hunger. The malnutrition which causes vast loss of life in the world would be easily preventable. All it would take is international will to end it," he said.

Ziegler specified that he calls hunger "a form of organized crime" for a reason. "Every child who dies of hunger in the world is assassinated. Mass murder by hunger stems from a criminal set-up, beginning with free speculation on the stock exchange with basic foods (corn, wheat and rice), which involves up to 75-100% of world consumption."

Ziegler dismissed El Mundo's protest that to speak such truths offers a pessimistic vision of the future out of hand:

"Not at all. The future depends on us, that we act and solve problems.... Knowing the enemy means to identify the mechanism which kills, which produces this 'cannibalistic world order;' to overcome the absurd ideology of neoliberalism, created in service of great capital. Fighting the enemy entails bringing about an insurrection of consciences and organizing ourselves. This world order is truly intolerable. But we can change it through the hope, justice, solidarity, the freedom which every person carries within them. We have the democratic means to achieve this. And if we do not do it at once, if we are not capable of breaking the world 'cannabilistic order, if we do not find a way to bring that order under international ethical regulations and re-establish the sovereignty of nations, tomorrow the world will be a jungle."