To Avoid Global War, Obama Must Be Stopped Now!
October 10, 2014 • 8:15AM

The Eastern Mediterranean region is on the edge of an explosion that could rapidly lead to a spreading war drawing in all of the world's major powers—including the three thermonuclear weapons powers, the United States, Russia and China.

NATO ally Turkey is openly backing the current Islamic State offensive against the Kurdish city of Kobani, blocking Kurdish fighters from Syria and Iraq from reinforcing the local Kurdish forces. Pentagon officials, briefing the media on Wednesday, candidly admitted that the U.S. bombing campaign alone cannot prevent the fall of Kobani and a looming massacre of the Kurdish population of the city of 45,000 residents.

Chechen terrorists, veterans of the two Chechen wars against Russia, are among the leading military commanders of the Islamic State, with more than 1,000 Chechens now fighting in Iraq and Syria under the black flag of the Islamic State. One leading Chechen IS commander known as "Omar the Chechen," openly boasted that the Islamic State's ultimate target is Russia and President Putin.

In discussions with colleagues on Thursday, Lyndon LaRouche warned that the world is facing a Middle East catastrophe in the coming two weeks and urged that it must be prevented at all costs. The first, unavoidable step towards stopping this explosion is the removal of President Obama from office.

"We are on the edge of something ready to spread throughout the region. We are facing the immediate potential of a runaway horror show," LaRouche warned. "Obama is responsible for promoting this warfare in the Middle East. Unless he is removed from office or rendered totally impotent, the prospects of stopping the spread of this war are slim."

LaRouche posed a question to the American people and to world leaders: "Are you capable of acting properly so that you do your part to prevent this coming war before it starts?"

Obama's complicity in the looming eruption is well documented. For more than a year, he ignored warnings about the growing power of the Islamic State (IS), coming from his Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Defense Intelligence Agency and even from former Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki, who pleaded with Obama in a November 2013 White House meeting to immediately launch bombings against ISIL targets. That was months before the IS offensive began in Fallujah and Ramadi.

By targeting Russia and China, and refusing to include Iran and Syria in the so-called coalition against the Islamic State, Obama has shut the door on the only viable option for defeating the jihadists in time. Former Russian ambassador Veniamin Popov, in an interview with RIA Novosti on Thursday, echoed LaRouche's assessment, warning that "Only joint efforts of the international community and major global powers can pave the way for the victory over the Islamic State (IS) and any other strategy is useless."

Obama's refusal to act against IS is mirrored in his refusal to take serious action against the initial eruption of the Ebola crisis in West Africa. By waiting for months while the disease vector got out of control, he assured the pandemic now confronting not only Africa, but Western Europe and the United States. Obama's actions are consistent with the British Crown policy of systematic mass genocide and population reduction.

LaRouche expressed confidence that, by removing Obama from office now, a new, effective combination can be put together around a new presidency, allied with the leading nations of the Western Hemisphere and the world. The United States should be fully backing the BRICS initiative, the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank, and the efforts by China, India, Russia, Argentina, Egypt and other nations to build a new, global security architecture, based on the common interests of mankind that can only be achieved through integration and cooperation among nations.

"We must succeed in the Americas—build unity in the Americas as such," LaRouche declared. "We must create a bastion, along with Asia, as a bulwark to prevent the chaos that is about to come down on us."

LaRouche concluded his dialogue with colleagues with the following frank assessment: "Obama must be thrown out almost immediately or you don't have a prayer. That is a fact."