We Have a Proven Conception as a Policy With Which to Defeat the British Empire’s Black Death
October 11, 2014 • 9:36PM

We are poised on the edge of a breakdown crisis globally, the world’s foremost economic forecaster Lyndon LaRouche underscored today, which is coming on fast. Unless something is done to derail that process, what humanity faces “is not different than the Black Death’’ which annihilated nearly half of European civilization in the 14th century.

The efforts of the British Empire and its Obama administration pawn to urgently ram through a “bail-in’’ of their bankrupt system— which is scheduled to be tested in a “financial war game’’ conducted in Washington on October 13 by high-level British and American economic officials— is a policy “in memory of the Black Death, exactly,’’ LaRouche stressed. “It is not different than the Black Death.’’

“And that’s what you have to fight against. You can’t find a safe way to do this; there is no safe way.”

“We’re now at the point where we have a proven conception as a policy. That policy will work, if allowed to work. If it’s not allowed to work, forget everything. Because this is like the sign of the Black Death. If you don’t do at least some of the things that you should do, you’re going to lose everything that you ever wished to have. And it’s only those that do that, who actually deserve.’’

Even as LaRouche discussed this battle plan with associates over the weekend, the British Empire’s policy of intentionally bringing on a New Dark Age across the planet, marched forward relentlessly. As London’s ISIS terrorist gang continued to press down on Kobane, Syria and Baghdad, Iraq, their kissing cousins in Libya— Ansar al Sharia— announced that they were within days of seizing control of Benghazi. As LaRouche warned on Oct. 10:

“We are on the edge of something ready to spread throughout the region. We are facing the immediate potential of a runaway horror show. Obama is responsible for promoting this warfare in the Middle East. Unless he is removed from office or rendered totally impotent, the prospects of stopping the spread of this war are slim.’’

Similarly with the Ebola crisis, which is raging out of control in West Africa and has now begun to spread into continental Europe. In Spain, panicked nurses and other health care workers are calling in sick and otherwise refusing to treat quarantined patients who may have Ebola, for fear that they lack the training, protective gear, and protocols to ensure their own safety. But the Spanish government, like those of the rest of Europe, continues to follow the Troika’s economic policies of devastating austerity, which are wiping out the health infrastructure as well as the rest of the productive economy.

This too, is “in memory of the Black death, exactly.’’

But like the earlier New Dark Age, this one can also be defeated by a global Renaissance of science and classical culture, of the sort unleashed by the BRICS and allied nations, centered on concepts developed and promoted over 40 years by Lyndon LaRouche and his associates.