Standing Room Only Crowd at Schiller Institute’s Harlem “Release the 28 Pages” Event
October 12, 2014 • 12:45PM

105 people packed into a Harlem library for the Schiller Institute’s Community Town Hall Meeting on releasing the 28 pages of the 9-11 Commission report on Saturday afternoon. The meeting was addressed by Jeffrey Steinberg, Counterintelligence Editor of Executive Intelligence Review; Terry Strada, National co-chair of 9-11 Families and Suriviors United for Justice against terrorism; and Diane Sare, former Congressional candidate. The panel was moderated by Schiller Institute spokesman Dennis Speed.

After a musical introduction consisting of the Star Spangled banner, Go Down Moses, and An die Musik, Speed introduced Sare, who spoke of the “nightmare” of ISIS, Ebola, the drought, and financial blow-out, versus the reality of true principles, such as Cusa and Leibniz discovered, and upon which the United States was created. These principles, which LaRouche has fought for for decades are now embodied in the BRICS nations, and blacked out of the US media for fear that Americans would respond by throwing out Obama and half the Congress and joining the new paradigm.

Terry Strada partly spoke as she had at the September 9th press conference with Jones and Lynch, but then said, “I am going to do something I have never done before. I am going to read you a letter signed by 40 US Senators in 2003, demanding the release of the 28 pages.” She read the letter, and made the point that the pages remain sealed, and that she considers it unconscionable that to this day, justice has not been served in the murders of 3,000 people, not to mention the lives lost and cost of perpetual war to the people of the United States.

Speed then introduced Steinberg to answer “why” these pages have not been released, going through in some detail the extensive efforts to cover up the evidence, in spite of efforts like those of former US Senator Bob Graham to bring it to light, as in the Sarasota case, and in other areas where key witnesses were never allowed to be interviewed, etc. That this cover-up has made possible the events of today, where now, at any moment we can cross the threshold to uncontrolled global war.

Speed made the point of Lyn’s 1999 Storm Over Asia documentary forecast, and its accuracy in identifying the targets as being Russia and China, as evidenced clearly now by the Chechen role in ISIS, and the Uigurs being deployed against China.

The Q and A was quite lively, and at times heated, with Strada aggressively keeping the focus on the 28 pages, and not all kinds of other diversionary conspiracy stuff which some of the newer people tried to bring up, but were not able to divert with. Everyone was mobilized for an upcoming November 9th Schiller Institute Event, and to get active nowwith their pitchforks aimed at their Congressmen.