The Most Important Flank to Halting World War III—Immediately
October 13, 2014 • 8:43AM

The combination of the momentum created by the Schiller Institute's Oct. 11 Harlem Conference to release the censored 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry report on 9/11, and the escalated interventions of Joint Inquiry co-chairman Bob Graham, has created what Helga Zepp-LaRouche called "the most important flank to stop World War III."

The Oct. 11 conference featured presentations by leading representatives of the institutions mobilizing to release those pages, which reportedly deal with the Saudi Arabian funding of the 9/11 terrorists. These included Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC); Virginia State Senator Richard Black (R); Terry Strada, national co-chair of 9/11 Families and Survivors United for Justice against Terrorism; and leaders from the LaRouche political movement—Dennis Speed, Diane Sare, and Jeffrey Steinberg. Far from being the simple sharing of "information," the conference concentrated on shaping an expanded intervention with Congress and the American people, in order to expose the funders of the terrorism, which represent a current threat to mankind.

Parallel efforts to release the pages are coming from Senator Graham, who is giving an increasing number of interviews on the necessity to act now, in order to stop the danger of organizations such as ISIS. "Did censoring a 9/11 report pave the way for ISIS?" asked the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation journalist who interviewed Sen. Graham last week. In his interview, Sen. Graham gave a de facto "yes," asserting that he agrees with Mass. Congressman Lynch that the suppression of the 28 pages allowed the Saudis to engage in spreading the ideology, and providing the funding, for extremist groups such as ISIS, without censure or threat of counter-action.

Lyndon LaRouche has long contended that the consequence of not exposing the fact that groups such as ISIS are deliberate tools of the Saudis and Qataris, and their sponsors and allies in London, is the threat of World War. This reality is now becoming increasingly obvious. An article in the Oct. 12 Daily Mirror of London, highlighted this danger with quotes from British Intelligence officials, who pointed to the fact that powerful players in the region, including Turkey, are facilitating the terrorists, who will eventually hit Europe. In fact, as LaRouche publications have documented, such terrorist groups are aimed at destroying all nation states that represent a threat to the British Empire—most especially Russia, China, and even the United States.

The lever for destroying the power of these terrorists lies crucially within the United States, whose last two Presidents, Bush and Obama, have been covering up the 28 pages, and thus the sponsors of terrorism. When Americans force the release of what is in those pages, Barack Obama himself can be exposed for his actions against the United States, and removed from office. That is a necessary step toward bringing the United States back to its republican tradition—thus not only freeing the world from the danger of World War III, but also opening the potential for its alliance with the BRICS nations who are building a new future for mankind based on the values of scientific and technological progress that were once the hallmark of the American republic.

Fundamentally, the task is to defang the British Empire that created this terrorist scourge—and is equally responsible for the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse now threatening mankind's survival, including the criminally mishandled Ebola epidemic, and the pending financial blowout.

Victory in the fight to release the 28 pages is the timely way to accomplish this broader aim. Given the hour-to-hour nature of the threat on all sides, the urgency of doing so is clear.