If ISIS Captures Kobani, Threats of World War III, say British Experts
October 13, 2014 • 9:02AM

A few British terrorism experts have expressed grave concerns after receiving the news that ISIS has moved inside Kobani, and that this Syrian town bordering Turkey is about to fall under control of the ISIS terrorists. Former Welsh Guard Simon Weston, who stood to become South Wales Police Commissioner in 2012, warned we are all under threat from ISIS. "We are very much in the grip of what I believe is the Third World War," the Falklands veteran said. "It may be the beginning but we are in it."

Their concern stems partially from the fact that about 2,000 British Islamists are now reportedly working with the ISIS in the general Iraq-Syria region. The number of British jihadis who have gone to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS fighters is significantly higher than what is being revealed, a British Labor MP from Birmingham, Khalid Mahmoud, told the Mail Online Sunday. Previously it was claimed an estimated 500 Brits had travelled to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS. But Mahmoud said hundreds more had been radicalized since. There are also reports that these jihadis, now very well trained and imbued further with the Wahhabite ideology to establish a new Caliphate, are moving back to Britain and other European countries.

The importance of Kobani in this, is that it is located at the Syria-Turkey border and the ISIS terrorists, once they get control of Kobani, will use Turkey to get into Western Europe by disguising themselves as refugees, raising fears that those who have left Britain to support the jihadis could return in this way.

Britain's former Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs and ex-chair of the Intelligence and Security Committee, Kim Howells, said the information "sounds pretty accurate to me." "We are already fully stretched with the people who are here already, let alone having to cope with a large number of new refugees here as agents for terrorist organizations," he told Wales Online. "There are already some who are here already. We have seen the efforts of the Home Office trying to remove those who are either terrorists, terrorist apologists, fundraisers for terrorists, or people prepared to preach on their behalf." Britain has "got to be able to identify these people," he warned.