Financial Panic, Ebola Panic, War And Terror: They Have One Solution
October 14, 2014 • 9:21AM

The spreading war in the Mideast and North Africa is on the verge of becoming the detonator of a potential world war, one in which the same forces are pitted against or for terrorism, fighting to stop the deadly Ebola outbreak or allowing it to spread, defending a collapsing financial and geopolitical order or replacing it with a “BRICS” growth and development dynamic. Combined with panic over the spread of terrorist organizations is panic over the outbreak of Ebola and where it will spread.

In this geopolitical cauldron, the International Monetary Fund’s semi-annual report, showing the collapse in growth of the world economy, has scared the bankers and stock markets of the trans-Atlantic world, where the collapse is centered. It has scared the central banks into announcing even longer, indefinite periods of zero-interest rate, money-printing policy: This is exactly the policy, the IMF report acknowledged, which is worsening the collapse in growth, in Europe in particular!

A crash, whether by banks failing or by the disastrous attempt to save them by “bail-ins,” is coming on.

In economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche’s emphatic view, it is not simply a Eurozone crash; “the whole system is coming to a head, soon, and simultaneously. This kind of immense gambling on money, does not work. The crash will have no ‘special characteristics.’ It is like a deadly disease— anyone can get it. And they will.”

This is, moreover, only one aspect, LaRouche said, of a world war of the London imperial-led forces of financial oligarchy. It is war by any and all means, against the leading nations of a new growth dynamic, often now called “BRICS,” which can take civilization forward: China, Russia, now India, and others. The Saudis are attacking Russia (and Iran) through the plunging oil price, linked to economic collapse. And the leaders of the jihadis recruited in London and supported from Riyadh are saying that their ultimate target is Russia.

China on Oct. 13 offered strong support to Russia against this attack, by a large currency-swap agreement announced by the People’s Bank of China, whose main purpose is defense of the ruble.

Russia at the same time announced, through its Health Ministry, a mobilization of vaccines, starting this Fall and continuing through next Spring, to attack the deadly Ebola scourge directly in Africa.

The Ebola outbreak was called “the most severe acute health emergency in modern times ... threatening the very survival of entire societies,” by World Health Organization Director General Margaret Chan, who said the epidemic had proved “the world is ill-prepared to respond to any severe, sustained, and threatening public health emergency.”

And events are proving that the Obama Administration’s smug, “we are completely prepared” public face has been a lie; no agency has been “prepared” for this.

“Unprepared” only? LaRouche’s own view is that the world is now facing a “Black Death syndrome” like the disease in the 14th Century which cut entire populations in half. We have created the potential for this, by cutting back on medical science, eliminating hospital and public health capabilities, allowing poverty to spread and persist worldwide. “An evil oligarchical society, which wants population reduction, would use it.”

The ultimate responsibility for shutdowns of medical care which can lead now to genocide, lies with the G.W. Bush and Obama Presidencies. So does the ultimate responsibility for the actions creating the menace of terror.

People now need a focus on winning that total war which is being waged against mankind. There is new leadership in the combination of China’s, India’s and Russia’s leaders. There are critical fights which can remove those responsible for the debacle, most notably declassifying and releasing the secret “28 pages” of the Joint Congressional Inquiry’s 9/11 report on terrorism.