We Are Not Prepared
October 16, 2014 • 10:35AM

As we've reported in our developing story Ebola Arrives In A U.S. That's Totally Unprepared, the Ebola crisis is one for which mankind must immediately rally, or face the prospect of extinction. These are some of the reports on the state of readiness of many nations, beginning with the United States.

Obama is a Failed State

National Nurses United Expose Obama's Failure on Ebola

The National Nurses United union held a conference call yesterday on the Ebola disaster, with over 11,500 nurses on the call, giving reports from across the US on the utter unpreparedness of the US health system for the disaster of the ebola pandemic, and placing the blame squarely on Obama.

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Europe Next

EU Authorities Criminally Negligent on Ebola

The European Union's health ministers will meet today in Brussels to discuss the Ebola crisis, but their real failure is the Troika policy which has dismantled the overall Health Standard among the EU.


South and Central America

Caribbean, Ibero-American Leaders Gravely Concerned

As reported by Gen. John Kelly, Commander of the U.S. Southern Command, government and military leaders from the Caribbean and Central and South America are deeply concerned about the threat of Ebola to the region.

Argentina is Preparing, and Committed to Science

In all of Ibero-America, Argentina has established the most advanced level of preparedness and medical response to Ebola, and has also developed the first fast- detection method in the entire region for diagnosing the virus.