LaRouche: We Must Build a Victory Against Death
October 17, 2014 • 8:07AM

Lyndon LaRouche on Thursday spelled out some of the immediate emergency measures that must be taken globally to defeat the Ebola pandemic, which, like the Black Death of the 14th Century, threatens to wipe out much of mankind if the appropriate actions are not taken now.

LaRouche placed first emphasis on the need to rapidly reduce the death rate among the targeted populations by a combination of emergency measures and coordination among all of the leading nations of the planet, including the United States, Russia, China, India, and others.

"We're having a death rate which is going to skyrocket, we don't know how — we have no idea," LaRouche warned. "So what we're going to be shooting for, basically, is to find out what the total death rate is, of the living population presently. Because that will be an indicator of whether we are turning the corner in any part of the world, or the world in general, on trying to defeat or set back this particular kind of disease. If we don't get that kind of response, and aim to produce that kind of response, we're not going to succeed."

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LaRouche continued: "One thing is the panic factor. The most important thing is to emphasize that we're going for a rate of recovery throughout each part of the population of the world, and we're going to try to measure the rate of sickness and the rate of relative recovery, of each part of the world. We're going to find out who is potentially dying, but also who is not. We're going to try to find out how the rate of death, or its related correlatives, is increasing, and we're going to measure that rate; we're going to compare different parts of the planet, to see: Have we turned back the Black Death! Because we're looking at something most exactly like the Black Death, that is famous in the medieval period! That's what we're looking at!

"We're not going to win this war by magic bullets. We're not going to win the war, by magic potions. We're going to win the war, by showing that we can take steps which reduce the percentile death rates, or grave illness related to that, and say that the rate of death and destruction, in the population of each part of the world, is, in its own turn, lessening its death rate. And that is what is going to be the program for victory. And that's what we have to shoot for."

LaRouche emphasized that "We have no assurance, that we have an efficient measure, for determining what the death rate will be. Therefore, we have to use the death rate itself, as the issue that we have to call attention to, and say, 'Can we turn back the death rate? Are we turning back the death rate?'

"That's the most important thing, right now! Otherwise, you can give no confidence to the population of any part of the world, if you cannot bring them to a point that they can say of themselves, as a population, that 'we have turned the corner on the rate of death from this terrible disease.'

"That's the goal, and that's the standard, of performance, which we have to achieve: Can we drop the presently accelerating death rate throughout the world, especially certain parts of the world. Can we turn that death rate down? Because it has already accelerated, from a lower class of panic to a much higher one. If you think you're secure today, you are not secure, because you're sitting on the next moment, of the increase of the death rate. And your concern is to mobilize yourself, and everything you can do, to increase the decline of the rate of death, from these kinds of diseases and their effects. That's the only way that you're going to successfully mobilize a body of popular opinion, which will recognize that they're fighting a winning war against a horrible rate of disease."

LaRouche next demanded that President Barack Obama be held personally accountable for his own actions and inactions, and be forced to respond to the immediate emergency.

As reported by a team of doctors from the World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders, who returned from a series of recent trips to West Africa and reported their findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the critical factors boosting the death rates from Ebola to 70-90 percent is the lack of very basic equipment and supplies that are readily available. The doctors found, for example, that by providing Ebola patients with fluids and electrolytes through intravenous catheters, many lives can be saved. There are no shortages of these supplies, yet the basic measures to drastically reduce the death rate have not yet been adopted.

LaRouche bluntly warned that President Obama is not about to take the needed steps:

"Obama is not going to defend the requirements for the defense against this disease, which is now ongoing, globally, in special areas, including the United States and including other areas. And therefore, Obama should be impeached now, as a precautionary measure, because he has failed to take any of the measures which are required by the present health-care death rate emergency. And we want to call on the President, first of all, to challenge him, to accept those standards of his own behavior, and his own public exposure, of his own policies and behavior, with respect to this problem of disease."

"You're fighting war of a special kind," LaRouche concluded, "in which you can't shoot back against the warfare! But you can maybe do something with the way you live, or the way you conduct yourselves, by which you can reduce the rate of death. And in doing so, you are contributing to a victory over death per se, victory over death per se of entire populations of the planet.

"This is the kind of war, which above all else, we now have to fight, and we have to rejoice in the fact, that whether we're armed or not, physically, we are armed with intention to take actions which will lessen the rate of death, and thus bring on the victory which we require."

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