Lyndon LaRouche: If Obama Is Not Removed From Office, You Haven’t Got A Chance
October 19, 2014 • 10:31AM

In an international webcast on Friday, October 17 and then again in discussions on Saturday, Oct. 18, Lyndon LaRouche emphasized that Obama’s policy in response to Ebola if not reversed will lead to extinction. Therefore, “if Obama is not removed from office, you haven’t got a chance.”

“If we wish to save the United States from the deadly death, the scourge of death which is coming now down upon our citizens as well as other parts of the world, we must clean this mess up now. Obama must be removed from office!

“If Obama is not thrown out very soon, then there is not going to be anything other for us. There’s nothing for the United States, unless Obama is thrown out very soon, and thrown in the right direction and in the right tin can.

“What’s planned now, is, actually an extermination, a mass extermination of the human population -- in the United States, in particular, among other places. You all can be dead, very simply, under Obama’s regime. Not because Obama dreamed it up, but because he’s like the carrier of the disease. And he’s doing everything possible, to create a mass slaughter of the U.S. population, as well as that of other nations. And if we don’t understand that, we’re foolish. We don’t understand anything.

“We’re dealing with another Bertrand Russell phenomenon! And if you want to know what the problem is, remember Bertrand Russell, the history of Bertrand Russell, and his conceptions. That is what is in process. That is the intention for the American people, that’s the intention for people in Europe and elsewhere.

“And you’ve got to get this guy out. He has to be out or you’re not going to be living! And a lot of other people aren’t going to be living either.

“The intention is a Satanic one, a frankly Satanic one, it’s the Bertrand Russell Satanic one: killing people! Reducing the human population to a minimum. And that is going to begin happening, now, unless this is stopped!

“And you don’t have any alternatives: if you can’t stop this, if you can’t stop the Bertrand Russell phenomenon in its new incarnation, you can’t stop anything.

“And you’re on the point where an actual extinction of the human species is actually possible, for the first time that we have known it; it’s like the Black Death before this. This is of the same type as the Black Death, from which Europe barely escaped a real genocide. And we’re headed for, now, right now, in the trans-Atlantic region, in particular, including the Americas, North America especially, and Europe, and the whole center around the Mediterranean: This area is now Death Alley. And that’s what we have to face.

“You’ve got to beat this thing, or you lose everything! If you can’t beat this thing off and bring it down to a certain degree of control, you can’t do anything! You’re finished!

“You and everybody around you, is finished! Because you cannot make it, if this thing goes through the way it is now going through under Obama! What Obama’s doing, right still today, is sufficient to wipe you out, and wipe out a lot of other people, too. And the political issue is to get Obama thrown out.

“Now, Obama being thrown out is not a singular thing. It’s emblematic. That Obama is the guy who’s the flagstaff, the guy who is used for this operation. But the things that he represents, as long as they’re allowed to function, mean that what he represents will go through. And he survives, you’re dead! And that’s the lesson.

“Obama is the ‘Bertrand Russell’ for the world of today.”