LaRouchePAC Intervention at WJLA TV Town Hall Meeting In Northern Virginia
October 20, 2014 • 3:44PM

Three LaRouchePAC organizers generated a lively discussion on the Ebola threat and the ISIL terror threat during an ABC 7/NewsChannel 8 Town Hall event broadcast live throughout the DC Metropolitan area and northern Virginia, with an estimated viewing audience of 100,000. The Town Hall, titled "Your Voice, Your Future: The New Terrorism," with a panel of seven "experts," drew approximately 75 people to the Arlington VA Artisphere Theater. The opening segment meandered through the panelists' differing opinions on the usefulness of the U.S intervention in the Southwest Asia until one of the organizeres, who was called on for the second question from the audience, immediately focused the proceedings on the declassification of the 28 pages as the means to stop the drive toward World War III. The organizer described Congressman Walter Jones's H. Res 428, listing the diverse co-cosponsors, and said that the drive to declassify the pages, which purportedly show that Saudi-Arabia is directly responsible for orchestration and funding the 9/11 attacks, is gaining momentum. He cited former U.S. Senator Bob Graham's demands that the pages be declassified and Graham's assertion of a direct connection between ISIL and Saudi Arabia, which is funding and orchestrating the terrorist group. Addressing the panel, which included DC Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, he asked, "Would you support declassification of this section of the report?

Watch the event HERE.

Three members of the panel immediately said they did support declassification. Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, a CIA-trained senior operations officer, reported that he has been working with Congressman Jones on the issue and said he agreed with Stu's assessment of Saudi Arabia's role, adding that Joe Biden was right about this, but qualifying, it is not necessarily the government but Saudi individuals. Former RNC chairman Michael Steele stated that at this point in time, to declassify and put everything in context and perspective would be an important move. It would help bring closure on 9/11 and help us to understand what we are dealing with now, Steele said. Then, Eleanor Holmes Norton, who had made some weak attempts to defend the Obama policy, chimed in, saying she couldn't agree more, adding that she couldn't imagine why more than a decade after 9/11 the pages are still classified. And, she added, I am all for exposing the Saudis. They play a double, even a triple game. Everyone needs to know who they are, especially since they are now allegedly funding ISIS and everyone else who is bad.

A second organizer had the next-to-the-last question, and challenged the studio audience and the larger audience listening, on the question of leadership. The organizer stated that it is now clear with the Ebola threat and the way it is unraveling, that we have a government incapable of dealing with the crises we face. Referencing the previous question on the 28 pages, said, we have a President who is covering up for the very terrorists we are supposedly fighting. So the question is, when is the population going to demand that Congress come back into session to sweep aside the mis-leadership in the Presidency and the misleadership at the top of the Republican Party and return us to policies of actual economic development, reversing the decay of our health care system so we can deal with existential threats to our nation and the world's population? The moderator, seemed to want to pursue the subject but unfortunately referred the question to delegate Norton, who treated it as if only the issue of a vote on the bombing in Syria had been raised, and the meeting hurried on to a final question.

Following the town hall, virtually everyone attending took the literature from Stu, Pat, and Bob B, and many of the organizers and panelists thanked both Stu and Pat for their interventions. While Delegate Holmes Norton made a speedy exit several of the panelist engaged in discussion with the organizers and were open to ideas of follow-up steps they could take. One of the moderators was particularly interested in the 28 pages material and seemed to be considering a show on the subject.