The Ebola Black Death Response
October 21, 2014 • 10:37AM

As conveyed in today's leading story, The Human and Inhuman Response to Ebola's Menace, the world is responding to the Ebola Crisis, at this point, in very different ways. While many nations are doing their utmost to stop the new Black Death potential, given their resources, the overall effort is still not good enough. Especially in the United States under Obama, delusion remains, both from Obama himself, and among those who choose to believe that our nation will survive without Obama's immediate impeachment.

Cuba Calls for Immediate International Action in W. Africa

Cuban President Raul Castro yesterday called upon the nations of the world to put politics aside, and join together to meet the "huge challenge to humanity" posed by "the dreadful epidemic advancing today on our fraternal peoples of Africa, and threatening us all." It is urgent the world community act promptly, "to avoid a humanitarian crisis of unpredictable consequences."

Osterholm: 500 Million Ebola Vaccine Doses Needed Now!

Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), has been insisting every place he can that an international Manhattan Project to develop a vaccine against the Ebola virus must get underway immediately. "As in: We need to order 500 million vaccines. Now," he wrote in a Sept. 30 article in Politico magazine, titled "The Ebola Epidemic Is About To Get Worse. Much Worse."

Liberia President Calls for Massive Investments in Health Systems

Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson said yesterday in a "Letter to the World" broadcast on BBC Newshour that "The time for talking or theorizing is over." She said that Ebola "respects no borders," and that the fight against Ebola "requires a commitment from every nation that has the capacity to help—whether that is with emergency funds, medical supplies or clinical expertise," warning that the disease threatened the entire African continent. Because of the health crisis, she said, "Across West Africa a generation of young people risk being lost to an economic catastrophe."

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