Forget about "Pubic Opinion" if You Want to Live!
October 22, 2014 • 8:59PM

People are beginning to listen to new, better leaders in the U.S. They tend to be scientists, or else scientific, compassionate doctors,— the same thing. They tend to be people who are totally, rigorously self-disciplined in behalf of objectives which closely cohere with the hope for survival of the human species. What Helga Zepp-LaRouche said at the just-concluded Schiller Institute conference in Germany is true: the intermeshing of the threat to human species-survival from the Ebola epidemic, from the IS atrocity, and from the threatened imminent financial crash, has begun to cause many to stop looking to popular opinion for the "right answers." A patient who is near death, looks only for a doctor who is completely honest and totally competent, if he has any sanity left. Many don't.

One of these many new voices, these better leaders, is John T. Fox, the head of Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, which has treated four Ebola patients. Training and strictly following protocols are paramount, he said. It takes enormous dedication, resources and planning, but we cannot be a country ruled by fear. We must treat those in need. A few hospitals alone can't do it. We need the government. "It can be done!"

Similar leadership has come from infectious disease specialist Dr. George Risi of St. Patrick's Hospital in Missoula, Montana, one of four U.S. hospitals now set up to treat Ebola patients. Dr. Risi just spent 20 days in a Sierra Leone Ebola ward which cured over half of its patients, as against the over 70% mortality of untreated victims. From there, he went to Cuba with his hospital's intensive-care nursing director Kate Hurley, to train 200 Cuban nurses and doctors who will soon leave for West Africa. "It's a disease to be respected, but not feared," Dr. Risi said. "It's similar to the [early] HIV-AIDS time, when there was this fatal disease and we didn't know how it was transmitted, and people were afraid to touch a patient. We know how to treat Ebola."

Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy (CIDRAP), debated a demagoging Congressman over last weekend, who was trying to score electoral debaters-points by arguing for a travel ban. Osterholm crushed the Congressman by calmly showing him that the epidemic must be stopped where it is, in West Africa: Osterholm moved the discussion instead to the airfleets which should be airlifting medical personnel and equipment to West Africa on the scale of the Berlin Airlift. Osterholm's argument against the "hubris" of those who pretend to know what they do not know about Ebola, is now everywhere throughout the U.S. Instead, he says, we must have the humility to recognize what we know and what we don't know.

The NGO Doctors without Borders, MSF, is suddenly on everyone's lips. On Oct 20, the CDC was forced to trash their Ebola sanitary guidelines and substitute the MSF's guidelines of 2008, which have protected their effort to the point that only 2 of 2,000 of their staff contracted Ebola. Maybe they are the heirs of Louis Pasteur, with their mantra of: science, discipline, training. You have to plug up every leak which the virus could come through, because one leak will kill you.

Anyone who had been following Lyndon LaRouche's discussions over the past weeks should have foreseen all this, as he did. It is our own bullshit that will kill us. It is our own meaningless rituals, in place of actual, human communication, which will kill us. It is our own animal behavior, instead of human behavior which will kill us.

Speaking today of these better elements which are coming to the fore, LaRouche said today, "All the key influences are located among Democrats, or certain Democrats, not the Republicans. And it's the Obama tyranny, especially over the Republicans, and over the CIA and police-state apparatus, that is guilty of this thing. The whole police-state apparatus is policed; not only is it police, but it's policed!

"Whatever happened to the Black Death?" he asked. "The Black Death was coming along to really wipe out the human species, and then at some point we got a defeat of that monstrous thing."

The most recent days have also seen a reversal of policy in Washington around the battle of Kobani, in which the Joint Chiefs of Staff and others forced Obama to agree to what he and his coterie actually reject totally, along with Obama's buddy President Erdogan of Turkey. Riding roughshod over Obama, the U.S. has dropped munitions to Kobani, and arranged to reinforce its fighters.

"The problem is, the whole thing, is that the legal government of Syria must be kept intact," LaRouche said, "rather than the US meddling to bring in mediating forces. In that way, the war could be controlled. The legal national government of Syria is left intact to maintain its own security. Anything that modifies that, is going to screw it up. And the modification of that, opens the door for a general conflagration where the whole Middle East goes up in smoke.

"Everything which Washington is doing in general, is something which should not ever happen. I'm sure the Joint Chiefs, or most of them, completely understand: shut IS down! Isolate it!"