Only a New Paradigm Can Save Mankind from Triple Threat
October 24, 2014 • 7:36AM

The weekend 30th anniversary conference of the Schiller Institute, held near Frankfurt, Germany, was an historic event that provided a window into the urgently needed "New Paradigm" for mankind, based on a previously unprecedented collaboration among sovereign nation-states to tackle the crises facing mankind that no single nation or small group of nations can solve alone. The very fabric of civilization is breaking apart, and the shock from that accelerating disintegration can force the needed transformation in thinking.

The lesson coming out of the Schiller conference must be immediately applied to the three crises that can plunge this planet into a New Dark Age worse than the horrors of the 14th Century in Europe. This was the message delivered by Schiller Institute founder and president Helga Zepp-LaRouche in comments to colleagues on Thursday. Those remarks echoed the spirit of the weekend event and the final communique that was unanimously adopted at the concluding session.

Each of the three existential crises requires a previously unknown level of cooperation among major nation-states, including the United States, Russia, China, and India.

The first crisis is the spreading Ebola outbreak, that has already killed tens of thousands in West Africa and is on the verge of breaking out of geographic containment. The only way that Ebola can be defeated is for all of the leading nations of the planet to work as one to conduct a unified, military/public health/bio-medical-research effort immediately. Doctors Without Borders has called for tens of thousands of hospital beds in quarantine facilities to curb the spread of the Ebola. Emergency food supplies must be airlifted into the hot zone this week to avert a new refugee crisis driven by famine. Already, in Liberia, one quarantine facility is facing precisely this crisis, due to a lack of food.

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What is required is a single, coordinated international effort—in effect, the creation of a new United Nations-sponsored permanent task force to combat outbreaks of deadly diseases, starting with the current Ebola crisis. Part of the effort must include a coordinated international Manhattan Project to develop, test, and mass produce an Ebola vaccine as fast as humanly possible.

A similar "New Paradigm" of genuine cooperation is needed to defeat the Islamic State and other similar barbaric Dark Age movements. As in the case of the war on Ebola, IS cannot defeated by the efforts of a selective group of nations. If the Islamic State succeeds in Iraq and Syria, it is known that the next targets will be Russia and China. The Chechens and Uighurs make up a significant part of the IS military force, with some of the top IS military commanders coming out of the Caucasus Wars of the 1990s. They have vowed to bring their jihadist war back to Russian soil, just as the radical Uighurs who have joined IS in significant numbers intend to bring their war back to Chinese soil—what they call Eastern Turkistan.

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Unless Russia, China, Iran, and Syria are fully incorporated into the fight to defeat the Islamic State, no victory can be assured.

The third grave threat to mankind is the imminent collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system. Today, Friday, the European too-big-to-fail banks will be given their "report cards" on the European Central Bank's stress tests. By any sane standards all of the banks will fail, and this alone could be the trigger for an immediate crash of the system.

The actions by the BRICS nations have already spelled the way out of the financial calamity, along with the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall bank separation, which has been actively debated in the United States and Europe since the initial eruption of the crisis in 2007.

All of these vital actions can and must be started immediately. For that to happen, a fundamental change in thinking among world leaders and citizens alike must happen. Only such a "New Paradigm" in thinking can save mankind at this late date from the same combination of uncontrolled wars, financial bankruptcy and the eruption of a Black Death like that which devastated most of Europe in the 14th Century.