Massachusetts Dem. Candidate Backs LaRouche Program, Campaigns for Impeachment of Obama
October 24, 2014 • 8:05AM

Under the headline "In 7th Worcester race, Frost's Democratic challenger wants Obama impeached," the Worchester, MA, Telegram and Gazette reports on the program of Terry Burke Dotson, the Democratic candidate for the state legislature. Dotson is described as "a retired military veteran and a self-described 'JFK-FDR Democrat' from Millbury." The paper reports that Dotson, a former elected Millbury Planning Board member, introduced a Glass-Steagall resolution at a June 2013 town meeting, which was passed and sent to the legislature.

Her Republican opponent sounds quite concerned about Dotson's campaign, telling the press: "It is important for voters to know that while my opponent is a registered Democrat, she is a Lyndon LaRouche Democrat. My opponent is focusing on federal issues. She is clearly confused as to what race she is running for. Die-hard Democrats should know this."

Indeed, the electorate will know that, but there is no confusion. Dotson, the article reports, "said effecting change at the federal level will result in change at the local level. Her priorities are repealing the Affordable Care Act, reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act and impeaching President Barack Obama."

"I am fed up with the gutless politicians who say the right thing so they don't offend anyone, so they can grab big chunks of campaign money and support. I just believe in standing up for what is right," Dotson told the Telegram. The article concludes: "As for her affiliation with the LaRouche PAC, Ms. Dotson said, 'They are the only people that have been telling the truth,' and she does get some of her information, particularly on Glass-Steagall, from the LaRouche PAC."