Canadian Authorities Rightly Feared 'Mumbai'-Style Attack
October 24, 2014 • 8:10AM

US counter-terrorism specialists have so far labelled Monday and Wednesday's terrorism attacks near Montreal and at Parliament Hill in Ottawa "ISIS-inspired" attacks, pending further investigation to determine whether the two individuals—Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin Couture-Rouleau—were recruited to any Al Qaeda affiliates that are operating in Canada. Both men have been under watch by Canadian authorities and both had had their passports taken and were put on "high-risk travelers" lists maintained by the RCMP and the Canadian equivalent of the CIA, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS).

According to the sources, Canadian authorities were right to put much of the capital city on lock-down after the initial shooting incident at the National War Memorial and the Parliament building, because authorities were unsure whether the attack was part of a larger coordinated terrorist attack like the November 2008 attack in Mumbai, India.

Canadian officials were aware that there were indications of a possible coming attack weeks ahead of the two incidents this week. During the previous week, the heads of the CSIS and RCMP testified before Parliament that there were 130 Canadian nationals who were known to have traveled abroad in conjunction with jihadist groups, and 80 had returned to Canada. There are currently 63 open national security investigations being conducted, targeting 90 individuals, the parliamentarians were told. US sources say that there are more than 5,000 Canadian residents "of interest" with ties to known terrorist organizations.

EIR's own in-depth investigation into the 1984 assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had revealed the existence of Kashmiri and Sikh cells in Canada that were linked to the assassination. Those networks are now in their second and third generations, one American source pointed out.

One American source indicated that intercepted phone and Internet traffic from IS- and Al Qaeda-affiliated groups in the Middle East had suggested a possible plan for terrorist attacks in North America and/or Europe. The source indicated that the first of the bombing targets in Syria had been an Al Qaeda/Nusra Front training camp run by the so-called Khorosan Group, which was explicitly training foreign nationals for attacks around the world.