Pro-PLHINO Activists in Mexico Call on President Peña Nieto: Let's Grow Again! Build Peace with Great Infrastructure Projects
October 25, 2014 • 10:10AM

An alliance of social movements in Mexico's northern state of Sonora have published an open letter to President Enrique Peña Nieto, calling on him to return to the path of growth and development, abandoned by Mexico over the last three decades, by building great infrastructure projects such as the PLHINO and the PLHIGON. Including the Citizens Movement for Water, the Yaqui indian tribe, and others, the alliance wrote in a advertisement placed in yesterday's El Universal national daily:

"The worst result of the last 30 years of economic stagnation is that entire regions of the country have become territory occupied by international financial interests—in some cases associated with the drug trade—which, for imperial reasons, are intent on sinking Mexico in terror, despair and institutional collapse, with the purpose of eliminating any vestige of resistance to their efforts to loot natural resources.

"This is a situation which has weakened Mexico, and made it vulnerable such that narco-terrorists acts are carried out, such as those which recently occurred in Iguala, Guerrero. They want chaos in order to establish their domination and to suppress any effort in the direction of economic growth based on science and technology."

The statement goes on to say that it is the responsibility of the Mexican government to get the country back on the path of development. "The first step is to promote a vigorous policy of public investment and national credit for specific projects which are ready to begin construction, such as desalination and the Northwest Hydraulic Plan (PLHINO) The same hold for the Northern Gulf Hydraulic Plan (PLHIGON)."

Although the statement does not mention it explicitly, it is well known in Mexico that President Peña Nieto will be traveling to China in November, where he is expected to conclude an agreement for the construction of a Trans-Isthmus Rail Corridor to connect two super-ports on the Gulf of Mexico (Coatzacoalcos) and the Pacific (Salina Cruz). Today Mexico has potential allies in China and the other BRICS nations, to return to the path of economic development that the statement vigorously promotes.