Arab Contractors, Orascom Commence Suez Canal Tunnel Construction
October 25, 2014 • 10:11AM

Egypt has issued contracts for four tunnels under the New Suez Canal project. The state-owned Arab Contractors and the private Orascom Construction Industries (OCI) were assigned sites for the tunnels between southern Port Said and northern Ismailia, according to the head of the Armed Forces Engineering Authority Kamel el-Wazeer.

El-Wazeer disclosed there are four work groups digging tunnels, Arab Contractors and Orascom were hired to dig two roadway tunnels and two railroad tunnels, in addition to two tunnels in northern Ismailia, financial newspaper AlMal Business & Policy reported yesterday.

Meanwhile, Minister of Planning Ashraf al Araby told Al Mal on the sidelines of Egypt's economic census conference, that some £E400 million Egyptian pounds have been allocated for carrying out the first phase of infrastructure in reclaiming 1 million feddans (1.04 million acres) for farmland, that had been announced by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Al Araby said that the funds will be channeled to building wells to water the lands of the national farming project.