Ebola Crisis Update · October 27th
October 27, 2014 • 7:48AM

London Medical Journal Warns of "Catastrophic Toll" of Current Ebola Policy

Lancet Infectious Diseases, the prestigious London-based medical journal, on Oct. 24 published a summary of a new study warning that current policies will not "avert a catastrophic toll of Ebola cases and deaths." A team of medical doctors and PhD's has just published a study on the dynamics of the spread of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Montserrado County, Liberia, using a mathematical transmission model based on three policy variables: new EVD treatment centers; case ascertainment through contact tracing; and household protective kits. The experts reached the following conclusion:

"The number of beds at EVD treatment centers needed to effectively control EVD in Montserrado substantially exceeds the 1,700 pledged by the USA to West Africa. Accelerated case ascertainment is needed to maximize effectiveness of expanding the capacity of EVD treatment centers. Distributing protective kits can further augment prevention of EVD, but it is not an adequate stand-alone measure for controlling the outbreak. Our findings highlight the rapidly closing window of opportunity for controlling the outbreak and averting a catastrophic toll of EVD cases and deaths."

It is noteworthy that even the inadequate policy of the Obama administration—of building seventeen 100-bed treatment units in West Africa—is way behind schedule. A Pentagon public affairs officer told EIRNS this week that only the first 10 units will be built by mid-December.

Ebola Expert Dr. Jahrling Warns of Ebola Mutations

Dr. Peter Jahrling, the chief scientist at the Integrated Research Facility of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has issued an urgent warning that the Ebola epidemic ravaging West Africa may be a far more deadly and contagious form of Ebola than has been known to date.

Caribbean360.com reported on Oct. 20 that Dr. Jahrling told Vox.com:

"I have a field team in Monrovia. They are running [tests]. They are telling me that viral loads are coming up very quickly and really high, higher than they are used to seeing."

"It turns out that in limited studies with the evacuated patients, they continued to express virus in blood and semen. What does that mean? Right now, we just don't know."

IL NY, and NJ Order 21-Day Quarantine for Health Care Workers Returning from West Africa

The state of Illinois joined New York and New Jersey in ordering a 21-day quarantine for "high-risk" individuals returning from Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, including medical personnel who have been involved in treating Ebola patients. Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said the measure "is too important to be voluntary." The new policy was adopted in part in response to the case of New York's Dr. Craig Spencer, who returned from Guinea and is now being treated for Ebola at Bellevue, but who interacted with a number of individuals before being diagnosed. Florida has ordered twice-a-day monitoring for all such returning health workers.

The new measures are minimal, but reasonable from a policy standpoint, if properly implemented.

The Obama administration, however, thinks otherwise. In addition to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, the lying Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases told CNN's State of the Union on Sunday that "I'm concerned of the disincentive for the health care workers" who are traveling to West Africa. He acknowledged that many Americans have lost faith in the federal government's efforts to stop the spread of Ebola, CNN reported.

The New York Times reported on Oct. 26 that "one administration official said the federal government has been pressing the governors to back off their decisions, which quarantine all medical workers who had contact with Ebola patients."

The pro-Ebola media is also trying to whip up opposition to the measure, falsely reporting that Doctors Without Borders (MSF) expressed strong opposition. That is not true. Although concerned about how the policy was implemented in the case of returning nurse Kaci Hickox, MSF executive director Sophie Delaunay stated: "We are attempting to clarify the details of the protocols with each state's departments of health to gain a full understanding of their requirements and implications." MSF elaborated: "While measures to protect public health are of paramount importance, they must be balanced against the rights of health workers returning from fighting the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to fair and reasonable treatment and the full disclosure of information to them, along with information about intended courses of action from local and state health authorities."

Dr. Michael Osterholm similarly told Fox News: "All of us in public health would agree that we don't want to have Ebola patients infecting others, but we also have to base how we stop that on the science we know. The quarantine hasn't truly been defined. What do we mean by this?"

The CDC meanwhile issued a statement on Saturday which was neither fish nor fowl: "We will consider any measures that we believe have the potential to make the American people safer."

Worse than the Bubonic Plague: Samantha Power Travels to Guinea

It's the last thing that Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone needed, but now they have to suffer a grand-standing visit from Obama's UN ambassador, Samantha Power. Upon departure, she told NBC News that every country in the world — with the exception of the U.S. and the U.K. — was falling short of its responsibility on Ebola. "Nations where I work every day who are signing on to resolutions and praising the good work that the U.S. and the U.K. and others are doing, but they themselves haven't taken the responsibility yet to send docs, to send beds, to send the reasonable amount of money."

This, from a cabinet member of an Obama administration which has lied about the gravity of the Ebola crisis, lied about its transmission, promoted the economic policies conducive to such epidemics, and otherwise ideologically favored Malthusian genocide.

In fact, Power didn't miss the opportunity to also attack the new quarantine policy adopted by the states of Illinois, New York, and New Jersey, to implement a 21-day quarantine on health care workers returning from treating Ebola patients in West Africa—a minimal but reasonable measure. Power said the new policy was "haphazard and not well thought out," and said that those returning should be treated as "heroes."

NBC's wire notes that "it was not immediately clear if Power will be quarantined upon her return to the U.S." That would be appropriate — for about 25-to-life — along with her boss Obama, to stop them from further spreading the noxious British ideology of intentional depopulation.