LaRouche: We Will Not Tolerate Anything Less Than a Miracle of Success
October 27, 2014 • 8:01AM

Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks on the Sunday national organizers call with his associates.

The center of reference, of course, is Helga Zepp-LaRouche's leading role in a recent relative victory in central Europe, and with radiation of effects in other parts of the world.

Lyndon LaRouche made the following remarks on the Sunday national organizers call with his associates.

The center of reference, of course, is Helga Zepp-LaRouche's leading role in a recent relative victory in central Europe, and with radiation of effects in other parts of the world.

LaRouche continued:

We are now presently in a very complex global situation, and I want to lay out first a couple of background views, so that people don't get confused by looking at small details, when you are dealing with a large-scale operation right now. Small areas, issues about small parts of Europe, or the U.S. or other parts of the world, is not intelligence. Intelligence is a global capability, a global understanding of what the world situation is now.

We are now presently located at the edge of what could become World War III all at once. It's pivoted mostly, right now, in such areas as Putin's area, and other areas in northern parts of Asia. And these areas are now spreading over this whole area, and going into the situation in South America now, into the hot issue there, and hot issues in other parts of the world.

You cannot, say, do an analysis of an area. Analysis of an area doesn't tell you anything. You've got to look at the whole area, and then look at the parts from the standpoint of the whole — not the whole from the standpoint of the parts. Otherwise you don't know what you're talking about, or what you're thinking about.

Now let's mention, for example: The hottest information, the hottest issue right now on the planet, is the Brazil election. Brazil is now going into a crucial election. It's threatened by a takeover of Brazil's government itself by a British agency, or a pro-British agency — the same thing. That is the greatest threat to the United States, to the whole region of the planet, and spilling over into effects in Africa, spilling over into Russia, spilling over into areas near Russia, and obviously spilling over into threats to China and to other parts of Asia. If you don't have a grip on this territory as a whole, you don't know anything. And that's the point I'm emphasizing here, because I know what the problems are among many people—they don't understand.

Let's take the Brazil election as an example. The British Empire and its agencies have taken over a sufficient control of Brazil right now, at the verge of a new election, where it is threatening to make Brazil now a virtual British colony. Now, what that means is a threat to all of South America, and what that means to all the nations in South and Central America should be obvious. So if you don't have your eye on what's going on there, you don't know anything.

Now let's look at another side of the thing for a moment. What Helga did was typified by the fact that she played a prominent role in a campaign with Jacques Cheminade and his campaign in support of the German election that she led. That's extremely important. It has an effect, naturally, because of France and because of Jacques Cheminade's relative significance within France, even though it's a large minority capability. That's very important. Italy is going to be affected by this, if anything happens. So you don't know very much about Europe.

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In the meantime, just recently, there was an attempted assassination, a coup d'etat, in Ireland, against the Irish. And guess what that means? Now they weren't killed that time. They pulled the people out, the leaders of the government out, and protected them. But the threat was there; it was very serious. So you can imagine what that means.

Now you look at the Brazil situation again. Look at the situations of various parts of Africa. Look at the threats in the Near East. You find that right now, the whole world is coming to, like a gathering of hawks or a gathering vultures, to grab over the entire world at one blow.

President Obama is, at least nominally, a prominent leader of that global enterprise. And if you don't get rid of him, you probably are going to lose the United States, and much more of the world at large. So you've got to dump this guy. He should be thrown out for his crimes. Long overdue! Account for his crimes! If you're not doing something about that, you ain't serious, you're just mouthing something off that doesn't mean anything.

So we've got the Ireland situation; you've got other situations in the coast area there, and they are all very serious and hot. All of Europe is in a hot state. All of the Near East is ready to go up. And if we don't save one nation up there, then you're going to lose the entire region.

In other words, the President of the United States is backing an operation to prevent a sovereign state from defending itself against a tyranny from the whole region, in the near vicinity of that whole region. If that happens, then you may lose everything, including inside the U.S., as a result of the chain reaction result which follows.

So at this point we've got to think in those terms. And Ireland is very important, because it's not only Ireland which is a sovereign state, but it's also a sovereign state which is important for the balance of political forces in terms of the United Kingdom and Western Europe generally. And so we have to think in these terms.

We know that what we have done so far inside the U.S., in terms of our organization and forces working with us, we have not yet begun to understand what the situation is we're facing right now at this time — at this week, at next week.

So don't start saying "The situation is... " and talk about what's happening in East Podunk or North Podunk or something. That's not the issue; the political issue is not the issue in itself. The situation in one area or another is not the situation itself. You've got to have a grasp of how all these pieces are being pulled together, under the direction, largely, of the British Empire, which is running the whole shebang, as its effort. There are forces working against the British Empire, but the British Empire is the dominant feature here. And the British Empire, including its control over the Presidency of the U.S., its control over other nations, is the issue which has to be dealt with, and it's the issue that has to be fought.

So you can't raise the issues about inside the U.S. as such. You're not going to win anything. You'll lose, because the U.S. will be lost, and you'll go with it. You've got to change the situation; this Obama has to go! And there's no alternative but to throw him out of office. If you can't throw him out of office within the completion of his term that he's nominally occupying, you're finished, personally. So you have to take things into account with that kind of serious global overview, or attempted overview at least. ...

We cannot take the idea of one nation at a time, or a group of nations at a time, and deal with this problem. The example of what the failure was that led to these kinds of deaths [of Presidents], is that there was not sufficient commitment to defend the Presidency of the United States against assassinations and other disorders. And therefore, every time that happened, there was never a sufficient mobilization among nations to prevent that from happening, as happened before. And therefore we can't do it that way.

We have to create a collation, which is what Helga is talking about, we have to have a collation of forces which conspire openly to do this. Don't make it the suggestion box. Don't hope for the suggestion box: it won't work. I know what we're up against better than probably anybody else on this planet, actually. It won't work! Don't try to make it work; it won't work. The enemy knows exactly how to deal with this, and they will do it.

We have to do it our way, which means that we go out with a joint effort among nations. Take those nations; get those nations or forces in those nations to jointly commit themselves to the job that has to be done. It has to be a global effort. We may not get every part of the globe to go along with it, but we have to create enough force simultaneously, from the get go, to make a movement in motion to succeed at this absolutely — with no ifs, ands, or buts.

It can be done, but we have to get our minds in shape to say we will not tolerate anything less than a miracle of success. And that's the only way you 're going to survive, for any nation, throughout this planet today.

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