A New Idea of Leadership for the Planet
October 28, 2014 • 10:48AM

We are committed to a new idea in international relations which has emerged since the Fortaleza BRICS Summit in July, a new dynamic of economic development and growth which is attracting other nations around the BRICS formation.

No one is better qualified to identify this dynamic than Helga Zepp-LaRouche, known in China as "the Silk Road Lady" and interviewed again Friday in Chinese press with the note that the 30-year Schiller Institute world land-bridge policy, and China's New Silk Road Belt development policy, "coincide." And she has called the new dynamic "human development, not geopolitics" [and war] — a idea of nations developing "for the benefit of the other," as in the Treaty of Westphalia, the worldview of Gottfried Liebniz, and that of Confucius. The BRICS dynamic can mean a global economic recovery, but also great scientific progress, development of a thermonuclear fusion economy, exploration of the Solar System.

The City of London financial-imperial center and Wall Street oppose this growth dynamic fiercely, and would trigger the trans-Atlantic system's collapse and push Russia to war rather than accept it. Every country in the BRICS alignment is targeted by them. London went all out to oust Brazil's President, and replace her with a candidate who promised to withdraw from BRICS outright and return Arminio Fraga as the Brazilian central banker from the bad, very bad old days of Fernando Henrique Cardozo's thieving government. The Peterson Institute of International Finance had Obama advisor and economic advisor from Allianz SE speak to them today about the BRICS "problem," and clearly targeted India's Modi to try to split away from China. Obama is trying to surround China militarily and wreck the new international development bank it has launched with other Asian nations. South Africa's nuclear deal with Russia is attacked, and Russia is provoked toward war.

Today, on top of NATO partner Sweden's week-long "Russian sub hunt" just as suddenly abandoned, NATO member Poland's Defense Minister Siemoniak announced it was going to move many thousands of troops and heavy weaponry to its eastern border due to "new realities of the situation we have to face." Lyndon LaRouche sharply warned that with pro-NATO forces gaining electoral power in Ukraine, this possibility of "Poland and Ukraine going at Russia — that's war. They're pushing for war, and I mean they're pushing for war from London, unless somebody changes the game and stops them."

Just the previous day, Oct. 26, LaRouche had strongly emphasized that no one country can be "counted on" to drive the "BRICS dynamic," with each of those countries under attack from London, and from London agent Obama's White House.

The job of LaRouche's movement, then, he said, is constantly to seek every creative action to increase the forces, and implicitly the force of nations, which are acting on behalf of this dynamic of scientific progress and economic development.

That dynamic will win out if and when Obama is thrown out of office and we bankrupt the City of London and Wall Street.