LaRouche: "The Threat of Thermonuclear War Is Greater Than It Has Ever Been"
October 29, 2014 • 11:15AM

The threat of global thermonuclear war is greater than it has ever been, even as an entirely new paradigm and conception of mankind is emerging tangibly on this planet. If the necessary actions are not immediately taken to avert this threat, including the immediate impeachment of Barack Obama, there is a very high potential that the world could find itself engulfed in the worst war mankind has ever experienced — a war which could threaten the near-extinction of the human race.

The facts are undeniable: the movement of thousands of troops and heavy weaponry by Poland to its eastern borders; the electoral gains of the neo-fascist and pro-NATO/anti-Russian parties in Ukraine; Kiev's sudden withdrawal from the Minsk delineation agreement; the calls by George Soros for members of the EU to behave as "countries at war"; and the open warnings coming from both China and Russia, stating that they will not surrender to threats and intimidation, as exemplified in President Putin's remarks to the Valdai International Discussion Club last week.

On October 28, 2014, Lyndon LaRouche described the threat in detail:

"We have a very serious crisis before us. At the present moment, since Sunday evening approximately, the entirety of the relevant region, radiating from Europe, but centering on Russia, China, and other nations in that region, there has been the very serious, heavy potential, for a general warfare, involving Russia and other nations around it, which would obviously lead to an including of China as a key part of the war. Because what has happened is that the threat is such that if Russia did not resist, and if the resistance were brought about, to a conclusion, we will be very soon in a thermonuclear war, centered on Russia itself, and the whole region of that region.

"That is currently the present potential. That does not mean that this is a predetermined event. It means that the likelihood of such an event is grave. And it means that the whole world can soon be at war, with a general genocide, as a result of the chain-reaction of effects of any such action.

"Now, this also means that the key feature of this thing is also Obama. The necessity of throwing Obama out of office, is the greatest ever, so far. He must be thrown out of office, or something comparable to that. because if it doesn't happen, because Obama is essentially a British asset. He has been a British asset and a British tool ever since he started his career. The whole thing, when the southern region, Texas and so forth, became involved winning his campaign for nomination, since that time he has been manifestly a British agent. Immediately after his success, in securing the position, he became the ass-kissing copy of the Queen of England.

"So therefore, this issue is flammable, and we are as close to thermonuclear war as the planet has ever been so far. Now, it could be worse; a worse kind of war could occur. Because in these matters, you cannot simply predict, yes or no, what is going to happen. But you can say, that if you push the button, the right button, you're going to find yourself in the war, whether you intended get in it or not. And that's where we are.

"We're on the verge of a thermonuclear war, in which the key thing is the conflict at this moment, which is expressed in his own terms by Vladimir Putin. [See: Putin Speech at Valdai Club] We're on the verge of a thermonuclear war, involving China, Russia, and a number of other nations in the whole region. Unless that high potential is suppressed, by some fortuitous good action, or at least moderate action, we are in the danger, this week or maybe beyond, of a general, global thermonuclear war.

"So we're in a balance, where what you're bringing to, is a course of a threat of general thermonuclear war. In other words, we do not have the proof that general thermonuclear war is about to happen. What we do have is a very clear exposition, of a very aggressive threat of thermonuclear war. Which does not mean it's going to happen, but it means it's being threatened to happen, and the threat is greater than it has ever been, so far, in that region of the world. Now, this would mean that Iran would blow up; it would mean China would be involved in this; it would mean India would be involved in it. So therefore, the world would be generally destroyed and torn apart, if this thing is not brought under control.

"And you can't just say, 'well, maybe it won't happen' — that's not a good enough answer. What assurance do you have, that it can be prevented, at this stage? That's our problem."

However, the irony of this moment in history is expressed by the simultaneous proximity mankind finds itself to an entirely new paradigm for the planet, and an entirely new concept of himself — even while the survival of mankind as a species is in such peril. As Benjamin Deniston remarked during a strategy discussion on October 28, the current moment is very similar to the situation in which the great Russian scientist Vladimir Vernadsky found himself, as he made his crucial discoveries about the principle of life and the identity of mankind at the same time World War II was engulfing the planet, writing his crucial work "Some Words About The Noosphere" at the height of the final battle against the Nazi forces in Europe — the difference being that we now face the added threat of the sheer destructive power of thermonuclear weapons. The LaRouchePAC Science Team has picked up directly on furthering Vernadsky's work and is currently bringing the understanding of the true principle of creative human life to a greater level of definition than has ever previously been achieved. This was discussed in detail on the weekly New Paradigm show today, and will be elaborated in a newly drafted research paper by Ben Deniston titled "Science for a New Paradigm: Time for a Solar Noosphere."

See: Science for a New Paradigm: Time for a Solar Noosphere

And the unprecedented Schiller Insititute conference of last weekend in Frankfurt, Germany provides the most vivid picture of the new paradigm for the planet, which is now now longer merely a potentiality, but an actuality, which presently has already emerged with China's policy of a New Silk Road Economic Belt and the new economic order which has been established by the BRICS nations and their allies. On October 28, 2014, Helga Zepp-LaRouche, who has recently arrived in the United States from Europe, described the breakthrough represented by this historic conference and the wide international effect that it is already radiating:

"What we accomplished in this conference was first of all, the first Silk Road conference outside of China, with the explicit idea that the new paradigm will be the New Silk Road, or the BRICS, "One Belt One Road" conception, leading to the World Land-Bridge. We have created something which is already having reverberations, because all of these people go back to their countries and have gone back already: They report to high-ranking institutions, in Russia, in China, in India, in Iran and other places, and that influences how they look at the world. With this combination of China, India, other countries, a whole new universe is opening up."

This historic Schiller Institute conference must be studied in its entirety. Here, we feature the presentation by Natalia Vitrenko, Chairwoman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, titled "A Constructive Alternative to the Existing World Order, and Stability in Ukraine: Pathway to Saving Mankind" —