LaRouche Delivers a Blunt Assessment of War Danger
October 30, 2014 • 12:57PM

Lyndon LaRouche has delivered a series of pointed warnings of the imminent danger of general war targeting the key Eurasian nations of Russia and China, as the result of a number of recent provocations. In discussions with colleagues over the past 72 hours, LaRouche delivered the assessment that the world "is on the edge of what could be World War III all at once."

"...We are as close to thermonuclear war as the planet has ever been so far. Now, it could be worse; a worse kind of war could occur. Because in these matters, you cannot simply predict, yes or no, what is going to happen. But you can say, that if you push the button, the right button, you're going to find yourself in the war, whether you intended get in it or not. And that's where we are. "

He was referring to a series of provocations, starting with the outcome of the Ukrainian national elections on Sunday, Oct. 26, where a combination of pro-NATO oligarch-dominated parties won a majority in the Rada. Within 48 hours, the Ukrainians withdrew their signature from the delineation agreement that was the core feature of the cease-fire and planned settlement of the crisis in eastern Ukraine. Overt neo-Nazi parties won over 15 percent of the vote in the Sunday elections, and Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov has called for the United Nations to take up the threat posed by the revival of fascism in Ukraine.

In Eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian forces in control of two regions are holding elections on Sunday, Nov. 2, which the Russians have said they will back. The NATO countries, along with the Ukraine government in Kiev, are adamantly opposed to the referendum even taking place, adding to the crisis atmosphere.

On Oct. 28, the Polish government announced a major re-deployment of military forces from the west to the east of the country; over the next months and years that will put NATO- country Poland's military forces on the border with Ukraine and Belarus.

Western media accounts of Russian President Vladimir Putin's Oct. 24 speech to the Valdai Club in Sochi, Russia, aggressively lied that the speech was a direct threat to the West, when in fact, it was a cold assessment of the danger of imminent war and a call for an abandonment of the geopolitics of the Cold War era in favor of the kind of cooperative relations that are now embodied in the BRICS collaboration.

Top Chinese PLA officials have also taken clear note of the new militarism targeting the Asia-Pacific region. In a Sept. 15 speech, PLA Gen. Peng Guangquian warned that Japan has returned to militarism with the encouragement of the United States and that this once again poses the danger of war among the great powers of Asia. The US so-called "Asia pivot," centered in the new US war-fighting doctrine of Air Sea Battle, has boosted the militarist factions in Japan, and Washington is attempting to build a ring of containment around China through upgraded military arrangements with Australia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.

It is these developments, among others, that have been the basis for LaRouche's renewed warnings of a building climate for general war. In the heart of Eurasia—particularly in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Persian Gulf and extending into North Africa—a Thirty Years War has been raging since the time of the original Zbigniew Brzezinski launching of the Bernard Lewis Plan to promote Dark Age barbarism under the guise of Islamic fundamentalism targeting the weak underbelly of the Soviet Union in 1979, and the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War a year later.

All of these factors, LaRouche warns, are coming together in what he warned of in 1999 as the "Storm Over Asia."

In discussions on Sunday and Tuesday of this week, LaRouche explained the factors that could lead to a global war of extinction and called for the immediate removal of President Obama from office as one urgently required cure.

"Since Sunday evening approximately," LaRouche told colleagues on Oct. 28, "the entirety of the relevant region, radiating from Europe, but centering on Russia, China, and other nations in that region, there has been the very serious, heavy potential, for a general warfare, involving Russia and other nations around it, which would obviously lead to an including of China as a key part of the war.

"Because what has happened in terms of the current swindle, is that the threat is such that if Russia did not resist, and if the resistance were brought about, to a conclusion, we will be very soon in a thermonuclear war, centered on Russia itself, and the whole region of that region.

"That," he warned, "is currently the present potential. That does not mean that this is a predetermined event. It means that the likelihood of such an event is grave. And it means that the whole world can soon be at war, with a general genocide, as a result of the chain-reaction of effects of any such action.

"Now, this also means that the key feature of this thing is also Obama. The necessity of throwing Obama out of office, is the greatest ever, so far. He must be thrown out of office, or something comparable to that... because Obama is essentially a British asset. He has been a British asset and a British tool ever since he started his career...

"So therefore," LaRouche explained, "this issue is flammable, and we are as close to thermonuclear war as the planet has ever been so far. Now, it could be worse; a worse kind of war could occur. Because in these matters, you cannot simply predict, yes or no, what is going to happen. But you can say, that if you push the button, the right button, you're going to find yourself in the war, whether you intended get in it or not. And that's where we are.

"Unless that high potential is suppressed, by some fortuitous good action, or at least moderate action, we are in the danger, this week or maybe beyond, of a general, global thermonuclear war.

"So we're in a balance, where what you're bringing about, is a course of a threat of general thermonuclear war. In other words, we do not have the proof that general thermonuclear war is about to happen. What we do have is a very clear exposition, of a very aggressive threat of thermonuclear war. Which does not mean it's going to happen, but it means it's being threatened to happen, and the threat is greater than it has ever been, so far, in that region of the world.

"Now, this would mean that Iran would blow up; it would mean China would be involved in this; it would mean India would be involved in it. So therefore, the world would be generally destroyed and torn apart, if this thing is not brought under control."

These are the consequences, LaRouche warned, if immediate action is not taken to remove Obama from office by Constitutional means, followed by actions to repair the relations with Russia, China, India, and other leading nations now under the threat of general war, to bring about a reversal of course.

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Fortunately, as the result of decades of work by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche and the LaRouche movement, there is a viable option already on the table for a new paradigm of relations among sovereign nation-states working together for the common aims of mankind. Governments representing half of the population of this planet have joined around such initiatives as the BRICS New Development Bank, the New Silk Road, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and other bilateral and multilateral forms of cooperation. It is this spirit and the concrete plans for massive infrastructure projects, joint space exploration, the achievement of thermonuclear fusion power in the next decade, that hold forth a bright future for mankind—so long as those forces promoting war and genocide are stripped of any remaining power.

Mankind is truly at a crossroads.