LaRouche: Throwing Obama Out Is the Precondition of Saving Civilization
November 3, 2014 • 7:53AM

In discussion on Sunday night, Lyndon LaRouche stressed that we have reached the point where either we and the people who agree with us throw Obama out of office, or civilization is finished. We are right on the edge, and this action is the precondition for saving civilization.

The future of mankind depends on the decision to suppress Obama in terms of his efforts to block the key nations in the world who are moving to create the New Paradigm centered on the BRICS nations and the global movement for development. If we allow Obama to succeed, we can go to hell. On the other hand, if we do the right thing, back up Russia and other nations, then we can win on a global scale.

The role of Russia under Putin's leadership in connection with China is critical. If we can't move now as a unit, we can lose the human species. We must get Obama out of power. If not, we are doomed.

LPAC Organizers in New York.

In the United States the key center of political thinking and culture, according to LaRouche, is New York City. What happens in New York City determines the political capabilities of the population of the U.S. as a whole. In the history of the United States, New York City is the great conversation center. New York City has tended to be the leading spark plug. It is the decision-making center of the nation.

In the recent weeks, the LaRouche movement in the New Jersey/New York City area has launched its own Manhattan Project. In a succession of interventions, beginning with the UN General Assembly meeting, the meeting of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden, a major meeting on declassifying the 28 pages of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11 on the Saudi role in terrorism held in Harlem, and over the last week in an aggressive intervention with the LaRouche Political Action Committee War Plan to Defeat Ebola, the LaRouche movement has begun to bring about a shift in the nation.

LaRouche pointed out, that at the end of last week we were in a downward descent. The world was on the verge of thermonuclear war. That danger has not been completely eliminated. But, at the beginning of this week, we began to move up in our activity level because of our organizing in New York City, which is the national center of ferment when ferment occurs. As a result, we are beginning to see major forces in motion to stop the danger of war by moving to suppress Obama.

We now have an opportunity to defeat the force of evil; if we do not exercise this opportunity, we may lose.

This week could see further steps being taken to save humanity. People in the United States are beginning to be prepared to take action to change the history of the world. We have a chance to win now. We must win the war to prevent what is happening in the Middle East from taking over the world.

The key, as LaRouche emphasized, is ridding ourselves of pessimism. The habit of pessimism is not imposed from the outside, it is a decision which each person makes on his or her own. Each person must decide to liberate him or herself from pessimism and to create the future.

LaRouche said, if you don't have fire in your pants, then you won't have any fire at all. Some people don't have flames in their pants. They want to be cautious, but the gasoline is already ignited anyway.