Chronology of a Hoax: The Case of “Kepler for Dummies”
August 19, 2007 • 11:46PM

In the course of building and organizing a scientific political movement to shape the culture and institutional policy of the United States, the LaRouche Youth Movement launched a web page on September 2nd of 2006: Containing an animated, pedagogical work through of Kepler's New Astronomy, this web site was used as a tool for creating a scientific cadre of leaders capable of steering humanity off the course of a threatened New Dark Age.

The page contains, at the top, "LYM: Animating Creativity" followed by three links.

- New Astronomy

- Harmony of the World

- Orbit of Ceres

On February 5th of 2007, the LYM web page for the 'Harmony of the World' link was created, likewise containing a complete animated, pedagogical working- through of Kepler's Harmony of the World.

On April 6, 2007, as a result of the impact of the website, NASA's "Kepler Mission: A Search for Habitable Planets," web page posted links to both LYM web pages: 'New Astronomy' and 'Harmony of the World'.

On May 20th, a web page for the third link on, 'Orbit of Ceres', was created.

On May 25, 2007, a new domain name, was created, according to, Inc.'s WHOIS database, the company through which the domain was registered. The website contains three main sections: New Astronomy, Harmony of the World, and Orbit of Ceres. The website contains animations for all three main sections. It consists of a childish, Wikipedia style version of the referenced LYM site,, including unauthorized replicas of animations and uncited text from the LYM web pages, including material on the 'Orbit of Ceres' from both the LYM web page, and lifted directly from the magazine, Fidelio.

On June 28, 2007, a newly registered Wikipedia user systematically began editing Wikipedia entries related to Johannes Kepler, Carl Friedrich Gauss, and the Ceres asteroid, inserting links to

Soon afterwards, NASA posted a very prominent link to

Any honest person can see immediately that is a silly attempt to copy the LYM website. Furthermore, anyone who is at all familiar with the subject matter, will recognize at once that the author has never read Kepler's work, The New Astronomy, and The Harmony of the World, but only used the web pages of the LYM and for the material.