Helga Zepp-LaRouche: My Beloved Amelia
August 21, 2007 • 4:47PM

My beloved Amelia,
Leesburg, 8-18-2007

For your 96th birthday I am sending you my most loving greetings, knowing, that we will re-celebrate your birthday soon together. Both Lyn and I are with you in spirit today and always. It is truly inspiring to realize, that you have been fighting for the freedom and the beauty of human beings now well over 70 years! There are not that many people, who can be proud of having stuck to their guns, defending the same noble principles over such a long period of time! The German poet Friedrich Schiller, after whom the Schiller Institute is named, wrote once how important it was, that people still believed in their older age in the same ideas and principles they used to cherish, when they were young and idealistic. You are a fantastic example for such faithfulness, and I know, that this is one of the reasons why so many young people around the world love and admire you.

That brings me to the point, I want to emphasize: Your role as an American heroine in the world. Because in the recent years, when you traveled with the Schiller Institute to many countries around the world, you reminded people through yourself as a person, that there is another America, the America as a true republic, the country, that used to be the temple of liberty and the beacon of hope for the whole world. And this is absolutely crucial in these times, when the reputation and the image of the United States are at an historic low point.

You have often told us the story, that when you were in danger of drowning, you didn't, because you knew, that God still had many more tasks for you to accomplish. It is like that today.

If we hopefully get through this terrible world financial crisis, which is the result of the fact, that too many people turned away from the common good in favor of their personal creed, and if America can recover its identity as a true republic, as it was conceived, then there will be still quite some healing to do. It will take some time, before the rest of the world will rediscover the trust and confidence in her, which now lie in ruins.

For this hopefully not too distant moment, we need you. You then have to travel around the world, as the ambassadress of the inalienable rights of all people, because only an extraordinary world historical individual like yourself can evoke the spirit of the real America in a credible way. So your job is big and you are needed for a very long time to come. And I am hopeful, that when we celebrate your 106th birthday, the world will be in much better shape and look more like a beautiful garden.

I can speak for the extended family of the Schiller Institute, that we love you very, very much.

From your daughter Helga, from your son Lyn and your extended Schiller family