With President Obama's popularity sinking to more than 70% deficit of popularity, Wall Street and its British Empire are careening into a race to between thermonuclear holocaust and the British Empire's crushing defeat (and, Wall Street's, too, naturally). With the threat of global thermonuclear war a week, or more away, no more than a slight nudge would be sufficient to topple British puppet Barack Obama into defeat — and defeat of the British Empire's plan for global genocide only a slight margin away.

The essential mission of all U.S. patriots, is to assure that the British puppet Barack Obama were dumped in time to prevent the greatest holocaust in history from occurring — the virtual extinction of the human species threatened as global thermonuclear war. The drive toward Obama's impeachment is within reach, now; close in, before it were too late!

Meanwhile, the number of impeachable offenses which President Obama is accumulating, is breeding like mice. He is careening toward impeachment — and criminal charges as well. Good riddance for Obama, and security for people, is the essential fact. Without Obama in charge of the U.S.A., global thermonuclear war can not be a British imperial success. Then we may begin to fix what needs to be fixed, after a long, long time.

Obama's impeachment prospects are now ripe; his terms of imprisonment for his high crimes and misdemeanors (including mass murders), will be addressed, in due course, later. The matter of murder and treason is among the possibilities.

The results of yesterday's midterm elections in the United States were not surprising: the Republicans regained the Senate, taking seven new seats (they needed six), including Iowa, North Carolina, Arkansas, West Virginia, Colorado, South Dakota, and Montana. There may be more, depending on expected run-off elections in a couple of states.

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The Nov. 4 midterm elections in the United States were a massive repudiation of everything that Barack Obama represents, which now has to be translated instantly into his actual removal from power, by impeachment or other Constitutional means.

Iran has tentatively agreed to ship much of its enriched uranium to Russia, where it would be made into nuclear-reactor fuel rods, if it reaches a broader nuclear deal with the P5+1, David Sanger reported Oct 3 in the New York Times.

The United States and its people should not tolerate Barack Obama exercising power for another day after this Election Day, in which he has personally ruined the Democratic Party which lacked the guts to tell him to get out of office. The Democrats cannot say they were not told, precisely and repeatedly by EIR and LaRouche PAC representatives over the past year, that they had to push Obama out of office themselves and reclaim their voters from the disaster he represents. The "shocking" success of Kesha Rogers' Texas campaign for Senate was the crucial proof of that...

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has publicly called Barack Obama on the carpet, demanding he come clean on his duplicity, and complicity, in the assault on her country, and her personally, by the British Queen's vulture funds.

Washington sources have confirmed that there is an all-out drive by leading Democratic Party circles, top Pentagon brass and other sane elements to force a thorough house-cleaning at the Obama White House.

In an extensive dialogue with colleagues on Saturday morning, American statesman Lyndon LaRouche reviewed the extraordinary shifts that have taken place over the course of the last week, beginning with the launching of a highly visible revolt against the Obama Presidency from the Pentagon and major factions of Obama's own Democratic Party...

On Oct. 30th, at an event at the 92nd Street Y in NYC where Iraq "surge" Gen.

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the head of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), plans to release the 480-page executive summary of the SSCI Report on Torture in November right after the election, reported Huffington Post blogger Ali Watkins on October 31st.

Obama, with a concert of forces set in motion by the British Monarchy, is running an operation to try to unleash a war, which if successful, could well start thermonuclear World War III, Lyndon LaRouche stated today.


Remove Obama!

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