With President Obama's popularity sinking to more than 70% deficit of popularity, Wall Street and its British Empire are careening into a race to between thermonuclear holocaust and the British Empire's crushing defeat (and, Wall Street's, too, naturally). With the threat of global thermonuclear war a week, or more away, no more than a slight nudge would be sufficient to topple British puppet Barack Obama into defeat — and defeat of the British Empire's plan for global genocide only a slight margin away.

The essential mission of all U.S. patriots, is to assure that the British puppet Barack Obama were dumped in time to prevent the greatest holocaust in history from occurring — the virtual extinction of the human species threatened as global thermonuclear war. The drive toward Obama's impeachment is within reach, now; close in, before it were too late!

Meanwhile, the number of impeachable offenses which President Obama is accumulating, is breeding like mice. He is careening toward impeachment — and criminal charges as well. Good riddance for Obama, and security for people, is the essential fact. Without Obama in charge of the U.S.A., global thermonuclear war can not be a British imperial success. Then we may begin to fix what needs to be fixed, after a long, long time.

Obama's impeachment prospects are now ripe; his terms of imprisonment for his high crimes and misdemeanors (including mass murders), will be addressed, in due course, later. The matter of murder and treason is among the possibilities.

May 14, 2009 (LPAC) The Department of Veterans Affairs improperly colluded with the Institute of Medicine, in 2006, by restricting scientific research on Gulf war illnesses in order to predetermine the outcome of that research.

The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive. Obama has adopted Hitler's program. On Wednesday, Obama emerged from a meeting with Democratic leaders to say that "the stars are aligned" in support of passage by the House of his Nazi medical reform by the end of July.

Who owns the HMOs that are destroying your health care? In part, the very same financial institutions that are stealing your tax money through the bailout swindle!

May 13 2009 (LPAC)—Ezekiel Emanuel, a leading advisor to Budget Director Peter Orszag for drastic cutbacks in medical care, co-authored a 1998 article entitled  "What Are the Potential Cost Savings from Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide?" (New England Journal of Medicine,  Volume 339:167-172, July 16, 1998 Number 3).

Among the various private foundations in Europe which have been pushing for Nazi health and pension policies, a key one is the Rodolfo De Benedetti Foundation.

Blocked on one proposal to wreck wounded soldiers' medical care, President Obama's reformers have plunged ahead on another, more deadly track towards denying health care to millions of veterans.

OMB Director Peter Orszag's useless-eater approach to health care is going to accelerate the forced denial of access to lifesaving medical technology that the New England Journal of Medicine has called among the most significant advances in one thousand years—medical imaging technology.

When Lyndon LaRouche said yesterday that the health care program being proposed by Obama is "Hitler stuff," he was not kidding. A number of events today, described in the reports that follow, were a total assault on Medicare and Social Security, with the obvious objective of killing people off.


Remove Obama!

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