With President Obama's popularity sinking to more than 70% deficit of popularity, Wall Street and its British Empire are careening into a race to between thermonuclear holocaust and the British Empire's crushing defeat (and, Wall Street's, too, naturally). With the threat of global thermonuclear war a week, or more away, no more than a slight nudge would be sufficient to topple British puppet Barack Obama into defeat — and defeat of the British Empire's plan for global genocide only a slight margin away.

The essential mission of all U.S. patriots, is to assure that the British puppet Barack Obama were dumped in time to prevent the greatest holocaust in history from occurring — the virtual extinction of the human species threatened as global thermonuclear war. The drive toward Obama's impeachment is within reach, now; close in, before it were too late!

Meanwhile, the number of impeachable offenses which President Obama is accumulating, is breeding like mice. He is careening toward impeachment — and criminal charges as well. Good riddance for Obama, and security for people, is the essential fact. Without Obama in charge of the U.S.A., global thermonuclear war can not be a British imperial success. Then we may begin to fix what needs to be fixed, after a long, long time.

Obama's impeachment prospects are now ripe; his terms of imprisonment for his high crimes and misdemeanors (including mass murders), will be addressed, in due course, later. The matter of murder and treason is among the possibilities.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates signaled a major escalation of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, this afternoon, when he announced that he had asked for the resignation of Gen. David McKiernan, the U.S. commander in Afghanistan. In his place, Gates said he would put forward the name of Lt. Gen.

As LaRouchePAC details irrefutably (The Nazi Precedent For Obama's Health Plan: Now Is The Time To Say "Never Again!"), Peter Orszag and both of his leading deputies in the drive to "reform" health care through "comparative effectiveness research," are at the same time advocates of the program of so-called euthanasia for which Nazis were punished in the Nuremberg Trials.

Last May 20, 2008, Peter Orszag — then Director of the Congressional Budget Office, sent his deputy, Philip Ellis, to speak at a meeting of the Hastings Center, a propaganda group for euthanasia.

What K Street behaviorist came up with this cute title? The "independent" commission that would come up with recommendations on how to gut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid has been dubbed the SAFE Commission—Secure America's Future Economy. Since Reps.

Speaking to a bunch of statisticians in Washington on May 8, OMB chief Peter Orszag argued vehemently for his program of "effectiveness research," applied to cutting health care costs. Orszag said:

Examples of the Nazi thinking that lies behind the "effectiveness research" and just plain cost-cutting being proposed in the Obama administration and its financier constituency, can be found aplenty in the history of Nazi Germany.

A prominent, long-established Harvard professor told EIR yesterday that Lawrence Summers was seen as a magically successful high priest in the religion of money, by those who worship money as their religion.

A well-qualified source reports that the Orszag-Summers drive for implementing national electronic medical records is essential for them to be able to carry out their Comparative Effectiveness criteria for decimating health care and killing off those who are deemed useless eaters.

The pretense that the Obama Administration is somehow more reasonable on the vital question of nuclear energy, is totally dropped in the President proposed fiscal 2010 budget.

The notion in Obama's May 7 budget message, that national budgets must be balanced at the expense of the sick and the aged,— as well as the particular "mad accountant" means proposed to do that, point to Office of Management and Budget Director Peter "Whorebag's" continuing control over President Obama's brain.


Remove Obama!

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