With President Obama's popularity sinking to more than 70% deficit of popularity, Wall Street and its British Empire are careening into a race to between thermonuclear holocaust and the British Empire's crushing defeat (and, Wall Street's, too, naturally). With the threat of global thermonuclear war a week, or more away, no more than a slight nudge would be sufficient to topple British puppet Barack Obama into defeat — and defeat of the British Empire's plan for global genocide only a slight margin away.

The essential mission of all U.S. patriots, is to assure that the British puppet Barack Obama were dumped in time to prevent the greatest holocaust in history from occurring — the virtual extinction of the human species threatened as global thermonuclear war. The drive toward Obama's impeachment is within reach, now; close in, before it were too late!

Meanwhile, the number of impeachable offenses which President Obama is accumulating, is breeding like mice. He is careening toward impeachment — and criminal charges as well. Good riddance for Obama, and security for people, is the essential fact. Without Obama in charge of the U.S.A., global thermonuclear war can not be a British imperial success. Then we may begin to fix what needs to be fixed, after a long, long time.

Obama's impeachment prospects are now ripe; his terms of imprisonment for his high crimes and misdemeanors (including mass murders), will be addressed, in due course, later. The matter of murder and treason is among the possibilities.

Lyndon LaRouche responded forcefully today to the most recent proposal by U.S.

British press are full of pique today, in the wake of news that President Obama has cancelled the "traditional" joint press conference to follow his meeting with Gordon Brown, and will rather attend a meeting with the Boy Scouts!

According to today's London Daily Telegraph, the British elites are panicked over the prospect that the Anglo-American "special relationship" is over, and that the scheduled White House visit this week by Prime Minister Gordon Brown is going to be the public demonstration of that "change."

In an extraordinary freak-out published in the Sunday Times of London, the two smelly Browns, Gordon Brown and Lord Malloch-Brown, scream that Obama's team in Washington is not listening to them, is refusing to support the British effort to ram through a global financial dictatorship at the April 2 G-20 Summit in London, and, horror of horrors, may follow in the footsteps of Franklin Roosevelt in 1933.

Lyndon LaRouche today called on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to either apologize to President Obama for the horrible mistakes he has made, or resign. LaRouche was referring to Geithner's continuing efforts to devise a scheme to save the hopelessly bankrupt U.S. banking system.

At the end of the first week of the Barack Obama Presidency, U.S. statesman Lyndon LaRouche cautioned against over- interpreting and over-reacting to developments to date.

With Mexican-based drug cartels having gang members in over 200 U.S. cities, President-elect Obama will face an immediate crisis of escalating violence from Mexican drug cartels battling for a greater U.S. market share, the lead story in today's Washington Times blares.

President-elect Barack Obama has chosen another former Clinton cabinet member, Shaun Donovan, for the Cabinet-level appointment of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

The drumbeat of criticism of the incoming Obama Administration continues from the George Soros-funded stable of groups which backed Obama in the campaign, but are now turning against him as his Cabinet is picked.


Remove Obama!

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