Preparations for Upcoming China-India-Russia Triangular Meeting
October 19, 2007 • 3:45PM

In preparation for the upcoming triangular meeting of the Chinese, Indian and Russian Foreign Ministers on Oct. 24 in Harbin, China, India's Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) has floated some concepts on areas of discussion, through a favorite correspondent, Paranjpe of The Hindu.

Since both China and India are short of electrical power and hydrocarbons, MEA believes the three nations should collaborate on energy plans. One plan should be to utilize the considerable hydropower potential of Siberia and Tibet. This could be tapped for transmitting electricity via Xinjiang and Tibet, in China, to the large Indian market just across the mountains.

Overland pipeline projects, if found technically and economically feasible, could transport Russian and Caspian oil and gas to markets in India via China, as well as to global markets via India's warm water ports. This could be cheaper than transit by sea and would also avoid many of the risks associated with exclusive reliance on maritime energy supply routes. China is already exploring alternative routes via Pakistan for transporting Gulf oil to China, and it may well find a sea-land route via India more reliable and secure, particularly if there is a reciprocal dependence; Indian dependence on Russian and Central Asian gas transiting China on its way to India, and Chinese dependence on Gulf oil transiting India on its way to China.  Lyndon LaRouche maintains that a four-way alliance of the U.S., Russia, China and India, is required to world out of the current global breakdown crisis.