Lakesha Rogers Announces for Democratic State Chair: "It's Time to Get Texas Out of the Bushes and into the Future"
March 29, 2006 • 8:00PM


Lakesha Rogers from Houston has announced her candidacy to be Texas Democratic Party Chair. The election will be held at the Texas Democratic State Convention in June. Rogers, a Democratic Party activist who is a former member of the Harris County Democratic Party Executive Committee, is a member of the LaRouche Youth Movement, and will emphasize her skills in recruiting youth to the Party.

"I'm running," she said, "because we Democrats have to take the state back. To do this, we are going to have to make a serious effort to bring young people into politics, to give them a voice in the Party, give them responsibility in shaping the future."

A key to this, she added, is to engage in a vigorous debate around a platform. "The Cheney-Bush administration has trampled on our Constitution, whether in the lies, corruption and general incompetence involved in its pursuit and handling of the Iraq war, or its malign negligence exemplified in its handling of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the collapse of manufacturing and infrastructure, and the rip-off of seniors with its phony prescription drug bill."

She called on Texas Democrats to join her in taking the platform debate out of the inner sanctums of the Party — where it has been controlled by the money-wielding fascist Felix Rohatyn, who rages against the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt — and into the workplaces, campuses and neighborhoods, where Democratic voters have been neglected. "We need to do what FDR did," she added. "We need to bring the 'forgotten men and women' into the discussion, take the Party back from the pundits and pollsters and the endless pursuit of money. We are not losing elections due to the lack of money, but the lack of principled ideas."

She pledged that her campaign for Party Chair will bring in new voters, by involving them in a serious platform debate on how to serve the general welfare. "I will not limit my campaign to speaking to the delegates to the convention, but will demonstrate how we can bring new voters into the Party. I will emphasize the principles put forward by economist Lyndon LaRouche in his 'Prolegomena for a Party Platform: Franklin Roosevelt's Legacy.' For Texas, this means a campaign for water, power and transportation infrastructure, so we can create decent jobs the way FDR did to get us out of the Depression. By mobilizing the energy and creativity of youth behind these principles, we can virtually guarantee a landslide victory in the mid-term elections this November."

She called on Texas Democrats to join with her to "GET TEXAS OUT OF THE BUSHES AND INTO THE FUTURE."