The push for war on the part of the British Empire stems from their recognition that their system of rule—the monetary system—is dead. The intention to launch war has been most blatant since the murder of Ghadaffi under the guise of humanitarian regime change. Subsequent to that hideous act the timeline for transitioning into full-fledged general warfare, via staged conflicts in Syria and Iran, has been contracting and the efforts to stop it have become all the more important.

The arch of present events is shaped by this monetary empire's desperate attempt to force nations like Russia and China into submission over their defense of sovereignty of nations. However, the resistance opposing this war drive, primarily expressed by Russia, as well as key ranking figures in the U.S., has thus far been relatively successful.

Yet, it must be kept in mind that the more successful this resistance is, the more desperate the lunatics behind the drive become; thermonuclear annihilation is a very plausible outcome. The only final solution to end the stranglehold that the Empire has held is to end the Empire once and for all by ridding the planet of it's failed monetary system and returning to the principles of an American Credit system and physical economic development.

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Lyndon LaRouche said today that Barack Obama deserves immediate impeachment for a policy which is "spreading indefinite war across the planet, including the Mideast, which leads to thermonuclear war."

Japan has long realized that the development of far-eastern Russia, Siberia, could provide marvelous opportunities for Japanese business, and has mostly supported Western sanctions against Russia in a cool, half-hearted manner...

The Queen’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, is leading the rush towards war with Russia, trying to force France and Germany to join him in blaming Russia for the downing of the Malaysian airliner before any investigation...

If patriots fail to impeach President Obama in the coming weeks, we may no longer have a Constitution to protect.

Day Two of Israel's Ground Invasion of Gaza

Mikheil Saakashvili, the former President of Georgia and project-leader of George Soros's 2003 Rose Revolution in that country, yesterday posted a vile tirade against Russian President Vladimir Putin and any European leaders who might want to negotiate and work with him.

Retired DIA officer Col. Patrick Lang observed in a blog posting Saturday, that the war propaganda-spreading news media are taking us towards war, a war that no one would survive. "The Yellow Media are creating a Doctor Strangelove situation. They do not seem to grasp the idea that the war between Russia and the U.S.A. toward which they are groping will destroy both countries altogether. Once more, a war between the U.S.A. and Russia WILL DESTROY BOTH COUNTRIES and much of the rest of the world."

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have further addressed the Ukraine civil war and Thursday's downing of Flight MH17.

"We will continue to make clear that as Russia engages in efforts that are supporting the separatists, that we have the capacity to increase the costs that we impose on them. And we will do so," NerObama told reporters at a White House press conference July 18 on Ukraine and the downing of MH17.

Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed and burned in the Donetsk Region of Ukraine this afternoon, killing all on board. The flight, a codeshare with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines...