The push for war on the part of the British Empire stems from their recognition that their system of rule—the monetary system—is dead. The intention to launch war has been most blatant since the murder of Ghadaffi under the guise of humanitarian regime change. Subsequent to that hideous act the timeline for transitioning into full-fledged general warfare, via staged conflicts in Syria and Iran, has been contracting and the efforts to stop it have become all the more important.

The arch of present events is shaped by this monetary empire's desperate attempt to force nations like Russia and China into submission over their defense of sovereignty of nations. However, the resistance opposing this war drive, primarily expressed by Russia, as well as key ranking figures in the U.S., has thus far been relatively successful.

Yet, it must be kept in mind that the more successful this resistance is, the more desperate the lunatics behind the drive become; thermonuclear annihilation is a very plausible outcome. The only final solution to end the stranglehold that the Empire has held is to end the Empire once and for all by ridding the planet of it's failed monetary system and returning to the principles of an American Credit system and physical economic development.

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Addressing colleagues on Sunday, Aug. 24, Lyndon LaRouche underscored the dramatic shifts in the global situation since the BRICS summit in Brazil in July, China's breakthrough work on Helium-3, and the profound changes initiated by the Egyptian government...

In the context of the new world economic order centered on China with its Lunar Helium-3 fusion plan, the BRICS countries and South America, we must go back to the idea of a protectionist policy...

JASON ROSS: Good evening. This is August 15th, 2014. My name is Jason Ross, and I'll be moderating this evening's webcast at We're pleased to have with us tonight Dennis Small, Creighton Jones, and Lyndon LaRouche...

Dr. Stephen Cohen has published a scathing attack on the Obama provocations against Russia in the latest issue of The Nation under the headline "The New Cold War and the Necessity of Patriotic Heresy."...

This weekend's meeting of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers, which was also attended by representatives of China, India, Russia, the U.S., the EU, Japan, South Korea, and Australia, resulted in two significant advances for China's global role. The meeting was hosted by Myanmar.

On the one hand, President Obama, in his weekly Saturday radio address released this morning, promised, again, that "I will not allow the United States to be dragged into fighting another war in Iraq." A few hours later, in an appearance on the South Lawn of the White House before taking off for another Martha's Vineyard vacation, Obama announced that the US project in Iraq is no short term endeav

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, Pope Francis denounced the present world economic system as "unbearable... We are excluding an entire generation of young people," pointing to the staggering youth unemployment in many countries.

Sergei Glazyev, one of Russia's foremost economists who is also currently a top adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin, told Bloomberg yesterday that Russia will respond to the escalating sanctions and economic warfare from the U.S. and Europe by strengthening national production and self-sufficiency, and creating a "sovereign monetary system... for progress in science and technology."

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, in a Saturday nationally televised news conference from the South Lawn of the White House, announced the escalation of U.S. military action in Iraq, which, he also admitted, was open-ended: "I don't think we are going to solve this problem in weeks. I think this is going to take some time," he stated.