LaRouche: Obama Must Break with the British; Stop Treating Texas as a Plantation
May 30, 2008 • 11:04PM

LaRouche: Obama must break with the British Colonial Policy And Stop treating Texas as a Plantation

May 30, 2008 (LPAC)—Lyndon LaRouche today again demanded that Barack Obama publicly and decisively break with British colonial policy in Africa, and renounce the comments he made at a recent campaign fundraiser in London, sponsored by Rupert Murdoch's daughter, about "recalibrating" the U.S.-British special relationship to, in effect, put the U.S. under British diktat. LaRouche also insisted that Obama intervene to prevent the disenfranchisement of voters in Florida and Michigan, and get his campaign to stop its interference in the race for state Democratic Party chair in Texas.

LaRouche bluntly observed that "Obama's recent statements, and the statements and actions of his campaign, demonstrate that he is operating under the control of British forces hostile to the future of the United States." Since Obama's speech, via trans-Atlantic phone connection, to the London gathering, LaRouche elaborated, the Obama campaign appears to have gone "over the edge." LaRouche cited the recent virulent attacks against Sen. Hillary Clinton, from key Obama backers, like Rev. Michael L. Pfleger, a Chicago Catholic priest, who delivered a racially-charged diatribe against Sen. Clinton, during two recent Sunday sermons. Up until two weeks ago, Rev. Pfleger had been a member of the National Catholic Advisory Council of Sen. Obama's presidential campaign.

LaRouche's reference to the race for the State Democratic Party Chair in Texas was sparked by reports that key Obama campaign officials have pressured the Vice Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party, Roy LaVerne Brooks, to abandon her campaign for the state party chairmanship at the upcoming Texas state Democratic convention. Brooks, an African-American woman and an Obama super-delegate, was ordered to drop out of the race, or face having her super-delegate status stripped. According to a recent political column in the Houston Chronicle, highlevel Obama campaign officials cut a deal with incumbent Texas party chairman Boyd Richie, behind Brooks' back. In return for Richie's endorsement of Obama, the Obama campaign would clear the obstacles to Richie's reelection. Brooks has now vowed to stay in the race, and has threatened to switch her support to Sen. Clinton, telling the Chronicle's Rick Casey that she refused to be treated like a "dish rag."

LaRouche demanded that Obama immediately order a stop to the interference in the Texas party. He also demanded that Obama halt the collusion with Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, to disenfranchise millions of Florida and Michigan Democratic voters. In a March 28, 2008 appearance on ABC-TV's Good Morning America show, Clinton backer James Carville revealed that he, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, had gone to the Obama campaign with an offer to fully finance new primary elections in Florida and Michigan. The offer was rejected, outright, according to Carville. On May 31, the Rules Committee of the Democratic Party meets in Washington, D.C., to make a decision about the Florida and Michigan delegates. Right now, both DNC Chairman Howard "Scream" Dean and the Obama campaign are refusing to accept the will of the voters, and allow the seating of the legitimately chosen delegates. Lyndon LaRouche has denounced this as an attempt to treat Florida and Michigan Democratic voters as slaves—less than full human beings.