LaRouche on Obama's Secretary of State Fiasco: 'A Stupid Political Blunder Worthy of George W. Bush'
May 31, 2008 • 5:32PM

MAY 30, 2008 (LPAC)—"Barack Obama's latest political gaffe reminds me of George W. Bush. I can't think of anyone else who could have made such a stupid blunder." Those were the words of Lyndon LaRouche, on being informed that Senator Barack Obama may have offered the same top cabinet post to three different Democratic Senators, in return for their endorsements.

Associated Press speculated on May 29 that Senator John Kerry has been offered the post of Secretary of State, should Barack Obama win the Democratic Party presidential nomination and then win the election in November. AP cited a weekend visit by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with the Massachusetts U.S. Senator, as the latest indication that Kerry is preparing to step into the cabinet post. Dozens of U.S. and British news outlets picked up the story.

Sources inside the Democratic Party report that the public floating of Kerry's name as a Secretary of State in an Obama administration provoked furious reactions from two other U.S. Senators—Joseph Biden (D-Del.) and Christopher Dodd (D-Ct.). According to the sources, both Biden and Dodd had similarly been offered the top diplomat post by Obama—in return for their early endorsements of the Illinois Senator for President.

"If this story proves to be true," LaRouche commented, "then this means that Senator Obama's credibility is less than zilch. Trying to buy the support of three senior U.S. Senators, by offering them the same post? This is unbelievable. It makes George W. Bush seem smart in comparison. I can fully sympathize with Senators Kerry, Biden and Dodd. They have every right to be enraged."

LaRouche concluded that this latest political blunder by Obama, if corroborated, is yet one more indication of "real hysteria" in the Obama camp. LaRouche had earlier observed that things have gone "over the edge" in the Obama campaign, ever since Obama delivered his remarks to the London fundraiser, in which he pledged his loyalty to a British-led Anglo-American alliance.