LaRouche: Obama Is An Idiot And You Can Quote Me On That
June 11, 2008 • 10:10PM

This was Lyndon LaRouche's comment upon hearing Barack Obama's response to a question posed to him on Tuesday in an interview broadcast on NPR's "All Things Considered." Obama was asked if he was "willing to deliver the unwelcome message" that high gas prices are here to stay. Instead of taking on the British-controlled spot-market and defending the population in the lower 80% income bracket, Obama blamed the Chinese and the Indians and lied that high prices are here to stay: "We are not going to be able to immediately lower gas prices in any realistic scenario, because demand in China and India keeps going up."

Pushed by the interviewer if that means no relief on gas prices, he stuck to the British System fraud of supply and demand: "It's unlikely that we're going to go back to $2 per gallon of gas, that's just a fact. World demand is outstripping world supply." According to Obama in the short term the only thing we can do is "provide relief to consumers, by giving them tax breaks, so they have money in their pockets to absorb these rising costs." And we can "lower prices in the longer term by investing in alternative fuels and increasing efficiency of cars and trucks."

Today the financial collapse, which had accelerated last Thursday and Friday but had abated through concerted intervention on Monday and Tuesday, reemerged. Crude oil for July delivery rose $5.07 or 3.9% to settle at $136.38 per barrel on the NYMEX. The Euro increased 0.6 percent to 1.5558 to the US dollar. The Dow fell 206 points. Especially hard hit was the financial sector. Lehman Brothers, for example, which has declined 64% this year, fell 14% today.

Lyndon LaRouche's comment was: Thank Obama. Blame Obama, the embalmer. He will bury more people than are killed or die. Obviously, the way Obama is going, with this mentality, he couldn't win in an election against John McCain. Consider him as on the way out if he is going to take this line. He will be out quicker than you can say Rezko, if he keeps talking like this.