Is the Obama Campaign giving the Democratic Party to K Street?
June 15, 2008 • 4:08PM

Reports are pouring in from Democratic Party activists and Hillary Clinton supporters all over the country, about an ongoing attempted purge of the Democratic National Committee, state party organizations, and even the Obama campaign itself. It seems that Obama campaign godfather and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) is running a house-cleaning, that is hopelessly splitting the Democratic Party. One Democratic member of Congress bitterly complained to LPAC representatives, attending the California Democratic Party Executive Board meeting this weekend, that some of Senator Obama's staunchest supporters among African-American elected officials, are now being isolated from the presumed Democratic nominee, and are even being purged from the campaign organization. "The old Democratic establishment has moved in, and totally taken over."

These reports prompted Lyndon LaRouche to ask: "Is Tom Daschle out to turn over the entire Democratic Party to his friends on K Street—even at the expense of winning the elections in November? They seem to be thoroughly undeterred by the potential consequences of their own behavior. It is stunning."

Since he was voted out of office in Nov. 2004, Tom Daschle has been a fixture, along with his wife, among the notorious K Street lobbyists. K Street NW in Washington, D.C. is the home to all of the big lobbying firms, representing corporate interests, Wall Street, and foreign governments. In Jan. 2005, Daschle went to work for the K Street law firm, Alston and Bird, where former Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole already worked at a reported annual salary of $1 million. Ex-Senator Daschle's wife, Linda, has been a top lobbyist for a decade at Baker, Donelson, Bearman & Caldwell. Among her major clients are Boeing, United Technologies, American Airlines, Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals and the American Trucking Association.

At the weekend state Democratic Party convention in Washington State, and at the California Executive Board meeting, the pattern was overwhelming: Clinton delegates were shunned aside, harassed by Obama national campaign operatives, and basically told that they were not welcome. Any talk of "party unity" is pure fiction, one delegate after another complained to LPAC organizers. Top party officials confirmed that the Obama campaign and the DNC are being "cleansed" of all Hillary Clinton loyalists, and Howard Dean has personally let it be known that he intends to prevent a roll call vote at the Convention in Denver in late August, which would demonstrate the still-strong support that Senator Clinton enjoys among a vast number of Democrats. Traditionally, all major presidential pre-candidates address the convention, and a roll call vote is taken, before the winning candidate is annointed. "If Howard Dean could prevent Hillary Clinton from attending the convention in Denver, he would," one top Clinton supporter reported.

Lyndon LaRouche warned, in a series of public statements, following the end of the Democratic primaries, that the outrageous behavior by Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Daschle, and Al Gore, is going to "turn Hillary Clinton supporters into Hillary Clinton fanatics."